Your Blog Will Help You With SEO

One of the factors that can greatly improve your rankings is constantly having updated content on your website. Due to the nature of blogs, you can easily have updated content by making a simple post. Most of you know that Google indexes Blog content more frequently. But why does it do that? Why do the Google Engineers send robots to visit blogs more often than websites? Is it because the search engineers at Google, Matt Cutts and his team love blogs?

The reason why the Google Bot visits blogs more frequently is that Blogs by nature provide dynamic, fresh content which is updated on an ongoing basis This helps Google to display current/recent news, trends etc in search results which in turn provides a better user experience. Let us say I am doing a search on ‘Matt Cutts Speaking Engagements’. A web search result may show me some past speaking engagements by Matt Cutts but a blog search result (The most relevant one would be from Matts Blog) would give me the latest schedule and add to my user experience.

As a small internet home based business owner, you are always looking for new methods to promote your product or service. You can use more conventional methods such as advertising in magazines, news papers, journals,etc. You can also send out press releases. But, don’t overlook the use of an internet tool called the blog.

A blog is defined as an online forum or online based diary on which anyone can write to make the information available instantaneously to anyone surfing the web.There are estimated to be ove 12 million blogs currently on line and many more in a state of progress. Business owners have found that creating a blog is a powerful tool to use to promote a product or service.

As you create your blog, you can use it as a tool to communicate with customers and potential customers. This will allow you, as president of your company, to keep your customers updated on changes occurring in your company on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Many business owners use a blog in place of the traditional electronic newsletter.

There are several online avenues available to you to create a blog free of charge. The other advantage to a blog is that it requires no programming such as a website requires. You can also link your blog to your website by using a blog hosting site.

Once you have created your blog, you want to include content that will keep your customers returning tp your website. Some of the information that you might include can be details about your product or service. You can write articles about changes in your particular industry, how to articles for use of your product, and answers to questions from your customers.

Another way to keep customers coming back is to write informational articles and news articles about the changes in which they might be interested. In order to create a blog that will keep the interest of your readers, use the creativity from the right side of your brain in writing blogs that will be interesting and fun reading to nicely promote your product or service.

When creating content for your website, it is very important to have and utilize your own blog. A blog is an excellent tool to build content for the fact that it is easy to update and you can do so in your own words while utilizing niche-related content. Many individuals tend to turn to blogs for the latest information, which is another reason to have a blog.

Fortunately when information marketing, you can go to one of the free blog sites and sign up for your blog. You then simply link your website up to that blog so that your readers can obtain this fresh content.

If you’re not sure about how to create quality blog content, here are some ideas that you may wish to consider:

• You can post articles from others as long as you have permission to use them. Even if you credit an individual for the article, they may not want it posted elsewhere. Sometimes an article may already say that it can be used as long as credit is given to the author.

• See if there are any seminars that you can attend. There are also webinars that teach about creating blogs so that you can get some very creative ideas.

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