Why Small Babies Prefer Bigger Teddy Bears?

Parents are spoilt for choices for baby toys. They are different categories to keep them engaged while they are awake. Most parents opt for soft, washable range like teddy bears, turtles, frogs or dolls. As paediatricians understand development of babies and conduct researches to determine what is best for, they recommend toys which would be harmless as babies explore things and objects with their mouths. Which toys are mouthfuls without being harmful? That seems to be the prime parental concern.

Parents can check various types which could be ideal playing mates. And as to answer the question why babies prefer bigger teddy bears, here is a simple answer- They do not enter the baby’s mouth. No baby can swallow it and give a mother a nervous breakdown! The broad categories of baby toys are:

* Non-toxic soft toys
* Toxic
* Educational
* electronic
* Noisy
* Light weight
* washable toys

There are different baby toys for girls and boys-some parents really start very young! One important aspect to be kept in mind is EU regulations for safety. Therefore chose reputed ergobaby hk brands and manufacturer toys which will not harm the baby.

* From 0-1 year, colour or bright soft toys are ideal. This is because the vision of the baby is still developing. They should absolutely be washable, as it will enter the baby’s mouth almost all the time.

* Within 1-3 months, a baby is capable of giving a punch! No wonder by this time rattle and noisy toys are preferable to keep them stimulated. A baby starts kicking, therefore hand and eye reflexes are used. A safe mat and a tiny gym can be made for kicking and punching! A great way to begin life!

* In 3-6 months, a baby is motivated to explore more and move around its vicinity. They need toys that they can chew. So no hard toys as yet are recommended! Even musical baby toys or flashy electronic toys will excite them.

* As the baby reaches 6-9 months, it can sit up and even turn pages of a book! Right time to push the literacy rate! Colour blocks, educational toys can make a debut in the nursery.

* The baby is literally on the move 9-12 months! Baby will try to move the furniture to walk its way! A four wheel trolley will keep them encircled in their cages and yet give them freedom of movement.

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