What Is Next For RealMe 5 Phone?

This year’s hot phone is the Nokia smartphones with a big price tag. This year saw value for money smart phones such as the Nokia E71 and the Realme 5 phones redefine low budget expectations. We saw high-end phones with all the bells and whistles, and we saw budget-friendly smartphones with all the wow factor. On paper at least, it seems the Nokia E71 and the Realme 5 phones are worth their asking price. But if you’re looking for phones that offer the wow factor without blowing your budget, then here’s a review on the best smartphone to buy this year.

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Despite the best selling features of the Realme 5 phone (built in professional camera, 6 megapixel rear camera, and a whopping 2 mega-pixel front camera), one thing it doesn’t have is a nice display. The 8 mega-inch Super AMOLED screen offers bright colors but is nowhere near as bright as you’d expect from a smartphone. It’s also not the high-end design you’re looking for. While it’s beautiful, it’s not anything special. It’s also not too power efficient – despite having a large pixel density, the pixel power of the phone isn’t sufficient for some apps realme 5.

The beauty of the realme 5 phone is in its cutting-edge features though. If you’re looking for a mobile phone that offers professional service, powerful applications, cutting edge design and great functionality, then the Realme 5 phone should be one of your main choices. That’s because this year saw several advancements in the field of mobile phone technology. Mobile payment service provider PayPal has integrated its payment processing platform into an upcoming mid-budget smartphone from Vodafone. The Vodafone E8 (Ethernet) is expected to launch early in 2010.

Another smartphone coming from India’s top smartphone makers is the Meiji FX Plus. Meiji FX Plus is an Android smartphone offering a combination of advanced hardware and user-friendly software to consumers in India. The Meiji FX Plus has a powerful Adreno smart chip and a high definition camera that can shoot high resolution photographs and videos. Users can easily manage their online social networking accounts, email, contacts and any other task with the convenience of a fingerprint sensor located on the rear touch pad. With a powerful battery and long battery life, Meiji FX Plus will be a favorite among techies and geeks.

Perhaps the most impressive smartphone of the year so far is the Axon 7 Phone. The Axon 7 is another mid-budget smartphone that packs a lot of impressive features into a small and sleek body. The Axon 7 has a neat little feature that allows the phone to switch over to a wireless charging system when it’s plugged into the USB port instead of being connected to a car charger like many other smartphones. Axon 7 also comes with a high definition camera that offers excellent photo quality and a whole slew of features, such as 3D image stabilization, night time recording and low light mode. The battery life on the Axon 7 lasts for over ten hours, which is a long time for a smartphone.

All in all, it’s safe to say that there is still no smartphone that can match the capabilities of RealMe 5 Phone in terms of performance, design and technology. It’s only a matter of time before we see more mid-budget smartphones that are able to perform similar to the Axon 7 and Meiji FX Plus. As always, it’s important to remember that these smartphones are only part of a bigger trend of high-end smartphones that are being manufactured in India by various mobile manufacturing companies. Stay tuned!

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