What Does Jack Mason Do?

“Jack Mason For Sale” is a portrait of a family man who seemingly has everything: good looks, money, a nice home, nice car. He has also suffered from depression and mental anguish. When he goes to a party, his friends think he is just fine, until he storms out in a huff. He leaves the party in a cab.

Jack Mason takes a job as a handyman for a landscaper. Everything is going great. Then one day Jack gets a phone call from his friend Peter, who wants him to come and work with him at his own home. Jack grumbles about how he doesn’t know what his responsibilities are, but his friend tells him that he is a business owner and entrepreneur and therefore, needs to know how to run a business.

Jack agrees and after taking a few courses, gets his license. He starts off fine-until his wife decides she’s had enough of Jack’s attitude and wants to divorce him. His mentor, Frank, sees this as an opportunity to change Jack for the better What does Jack Mason do?. He talks to Jack about his past in business and how he used to treat customers as crap, which was then followed by acting entitled, arrogant and distant.

Jack Mason gets out of the car, walks up to his friend Peter and tells him that he has to go. He thanks him for the advice and asks him to meet him the following day. He expresses his gratitude to Peter for giving him such hope and says he hopes to make him into a better man. It seems like this meeting won’t go anywhere, so Jack decides to take his friend to lunch. While they’re having lunch, Jack finds out that Peter has been cheating on his wife. He confronts him and tells him that he knows his business isn’t as fantastic as he thought and he apologizes to Peter.

So far so good. However, Jack’s father dies shortly after this encounter and there isn’t much closure. Jack is left with a lot of unanswered questions and isn’t sure where he goes from here. As you can see, the answer is a lot more complicated than you might think.

The movie isn’t quite as great as the book, but it’s still a decent enough movie. The character is very funny, and the acting is above average. If you’re a fan of the Jack Mason character (he appeared in three films in the seventies) you will love What Does Jack Mason Do? However, if you don’t enjoy this particular genre of film, don’t worry. There are plenty of others that you can go watch instead.

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