Website Lead Generation – 3 Most Dangerous Mistakes Business Owners Make

If you’re like most business owners, you have a website, but you’re failing to see any high quality leads being generated from it.

Let’s examine three of the biggest mistakes business owners make in trying to generate leads with their website and what can be done to fix them.

Lead Generation Mistake No. 1 – Hard-to-Find Website – You can’t generate any leads online if no one is finding your website, both for your business name and for terms related to your business.

Most business websites have no trouble being found for name of the business, but you will miss the opportunity to generate more leads if you are not being found through keyword searches in search engines.

What to do: Find a search engine professional who can review your website and make suggestions on how you can attract the types of customers you want.

They can perform keyword research for you and help your website get found by the right prospects. Be sure to look for a professional who uses only “white-hat” techniques to help you get found online.

Lead Generation Mistake No. 2 – Lack of Blogging – The majority of websites have only information about the business and what it offers. When a website is just an online brochure like that, it fails to answer the most important question a prospect is thinking:

“What’s in this for me?”

Without a consistently updated blog on your site, you miss Domain lead out on the opportunity to answer your prospects’ questions and to demonstrate your expertise.

What to do: Consult an online marketing specialist on how to best implement a blogging strategy. They can work with your target keywords and the audience you’re trying to reach to develop a strategy that will work for you.

Lead Generation Mistake No. 3 – No Lead Generating Material – Generating web traffic and attracting blog readers aren’t effective enough for collecting email addresses and phone numbers to follow-up with potential customers. Without a system to acquire prospect information, your website won’t generate the leads you want.

What to do: Work with a copywriter to develop a free report, ebook, whitepaper or even a video series that your prospects will want to download.

This type of content is often called a lead magnet.

Once your lead magnet is completed, your web team can set up a page on your website for prospects to download it in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

Then, have your web team create buttons that link to your download page. Your web team should then place these buttons on various pages on your site as well as the end of your blog posts to get the best results.

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