Use Email Marketing Effectively

Are you looking for a way to communicate with your customers? You are probably aware that one way to make contact with your clients is through email.

If you are reading this communication, you are probably versed in the basics of standard email tools, such as Outlook or online email. You may even use these tools now to contact customers, on a one on one basis. There are many other tools available, such as auto-responders, which make email communication more versatile.

Email can be an inexpensive and easy tool for connecting with customers. If you take the proper approach bulk emails to customers is not SPAM Email1and1. A bit of knowledge can help alleviate any fears you may experience, so here are some definitions that pertain to this critical business skill.

unsolicited email sent to an individual without asking their permission. Many times the intent is commercial, but it can range from jokes to advertising. The legislation in this area is becoming quite strong. Fines and other criminal consequences exist in most countries.

software programs that attempt to stop SPAM. They search for phrases and words that would suggest that the email is SPAM. The program then decides if the message is okay or deems it SPAM and disposes of it. These SPAM filters are not just in your mail program, but also instituted into corporate networks and even at the ISP level. The filters on your email program, gets rid of offending mail by putting it in your “junk” folder. Suspect email filtered by a corporate network or ISP filter, will be blocked completely, so you will never see it.

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