Turning Prospects Into Customers – Tell Them a Story

While connecting with your prospects is a jumping off point for launching a business, if you want your business to reach its potential, you need to turn those prospects into customers. A lot of people may know of you, but if no one is buying your products, that knowledge is not enough. Prospective customers need to not only know your name and business, but what you do, and more specifically, what you can offer them.

You most likely drive past many different stores or businesses everyday, with their huge signs in front of their buildings. You could see them everyday, and not really know what they do. Many people can know your business exists and have no real idea of the impact it makes, because they know your business, but don’t understand it 홈타이.

In order to turn awareness into business, you have to tell a compelling story that shows the benefits you bring. Everyone wants to know “What’s in it for me?” or “How can you help my life?” Many people, by nature, are selfish beings. They need to see the benefits you can bring to their lives, before they will begin to care about you and your business.

In essence, you have to tell the story you want told. If you are changing the world, tell them and show them. If you are helping one person at a time, you need to express that clearly. Never rely on your audience to compile bullet points and craft their own message, and hope it matches your own, because it never will. You need to create the message you want to share, because otherwise, people are left to draw their own, possibly inaccurate thoughts on what your business does, and how it can help them. If you want to represent your business accurately, and in the best possible light, you have to take control of the message it spreads.

Keeping the message you want to share in mind, you need to express it clearly and simply for your audience. Many television commercials blabber on and on and leave you asking, “What the heck was that?” or “Was that supposed to interest me?” Remember to look at your messaging with the same eyes. Confusion, useless words, and irrelevant information may create a general awareness, but they don’t inspire business, because your audience won’t understand your message.

Your audience needs to know you are talking to them, and you must give them a message and directions they can easily understand. You have to be clear, precise, and persuasive. Deliver your message with your unique perspective and speak to the needs, concerns, and hopes of those you help, and your audience will be able to connect with you, and separate you from the pack of similar businesses. When you create a compelling story, you will compel others to become a part of it.

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