Treatment For Sleep Apnea – Learn About CPAP and BiPAP Machines

If the problem is not very serious then a patient can opt for nonsurgical options like doing changes in his lifestyle habits, taking oral medicines, using dental appliances that hold the jaw and the tongue forward in order to prevent closure of the lungs. However the most prevalent form on non surgical treatment includes a CPAP mask and a BiPAP mask. Both these mask tries to force the air through the nostril so that a person can breathe easily even if he has a sleep disorder problem bipap. It has been found that CPAP users are so very dependent on CPAP masks they carry it everywhere find themselves without it.

Sleep apnea is described as a medical state where a person stops breathing for a few seconds during his sleep, which causes an oxygen and carbon dioxide imbalance in the body. This triggers a signal in the brain which forces a person to wake up so that his lungs expand and he can breathe normally.

Sleep apnea is mainly caused when there is blockage that prevents the air to reach the lungs. This is obtrusive sleep apnea. The other form is where the signals of the brain to the lungs don’t reach properly which is central apnea. Needless to say that, the latter is more dangerous and serious than the former.Treatment for this disorder varies depending on the complexity of the problem, the age of the patient and of course his medical history. Treatments of sleep apnea are of two types mainly surgical and non surgical.

The advantage of using a CPAP machine are many, it decreases the sleepiness that a person generally faces in sleep apnea. CPAP sleep machines also improve the results of cognitive tests. People who use CPAP are found to perform better in driving stimulation test also. An advanced version of CPAP is known as smart CPAP which adjusts the pressure and reduces it to a level below the normal. This actually ensures a much quitter and happier sleeping experience for the person.BiPAP masks are very helpful for people who need higher pressure to breathe normally. They are specially suggested for people who have heart disorders or some kind of serious lung disorder.

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