Transformers 2 – Filming

People get inspired by beauty, may it be in any form. In the film industry, the beauty of a scene lies mainly in the way it is captured and it’s closeness to reality. Although, nowadays most of the movies are filmed in a well built studio, there is no substitute to original locations. Originality brings beauty and admiration. Similar admiration is expected in the new upcoming science fiction sequel ‘Revenge of the Fallen’.


Transformers 2 had shot down scenes from the most exotic places on this planet. Egypt, France, Jordan, and US were the prime locations of shootings. The filming began in California on May 2008. Most of the scenes inside the roof are captured in the Hughes Aircraft company which is acquired by the General Motors red rock entertainment testimonials.

Some scenes are captured at the Bethlehem Steel in Pennsylvania. Then, there are some scenes which are captured at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center for the new transformer Jetfire, the abode of a retired SR-71 aircraft. On 9th June 2008, the team moved to Exelon power plant in Philadelphia and then to the University of Pennsylvania.

Another university they visited afterwards is Drexel University where they shot scenes of Sam studying astronomy. The team was seen in the Eastern State Penitentiary afterwards for two days. Fairmount Park was another location for shooting, and Philadelphia City Hall was used to cast the under roof scene.

Princeton University was also selected for shooting. However, it is to be noted here that none of the university allowed the producer to mention their name in the movie. On 30th June 2008, the filming came to a temporary halt due to the actors’ potential strike. Some scenes are captured in California for the Shanghai fighting. Tuscan international airport and Camp pendalton are used to show aircraft scenes.

The shooting was done by different units of production. The most important and impressive scenes were shot in Egypt near the pyramids. This is the place where the last scenes of the movie are shot. Giza pyramid is the most prominent attraction in the scene. The most important concern was regarding the security of the team of one hundred and fifty Americans working at the site along with many local Egyptians. A very tall camera was also used in the film in this locality. The team was given the official permission through the Egyptian government. Jordan is another place where various scenes of the movie are shot.

The team stayed for about four days in Jordan and scenes were shot with the help of the Royal Jordanian Air force. Another attraction people will witness is Eiffel Tower in Paris. The second monument appearing in the film is Arc de Triomphe. Although the scenes of France have very less time duration because of the limited time of the movie, but the beauty of the locality and its significance will have an excellent impact on the viewers according to the director.

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