The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Housekeeper

A housekeeper, unlike a housekeeper hired by a family or an employer, is someone appointed by a master to care for and supervise the cleaning staff of a house. A housekeeper does not have a formal education or training to become a housekeeper. She is usually an older woman who has worked in the job for years. She is usually referred to as a maid or a butler.

Housekeepers have varying levels of responsibility and skill set. Basic housekeeping duties consist of dusting and vacuuming, cleaning and washing floors, sinks, cooking stove, dishwashers and microwaves, light and electrical lighting, retrieving items dropped on the floor, scrubbing bathroom and kitchen floors, dusting furniture, dusting window sills and ceilings, and emptying trash containers. Some housekeepers are responsible for bathing and personal grooming of the pets, cooking and dining, and cleaning the foyer and staircase. In some countries, housekeepers are permitted to perform other tasks associated with the home renovation or management. The duties of a housekeeper are generally defined by the country’s laws.

A typical housekeeping job description would include the instruction that housekeepers should keep the kitchen препоръчайте професионален домоуправител clean, change bedding, change linens, wash clothes and change dry towels daily. A housekeeper’s daily job duties are determined by the owner or manager of the house. The housekeeper’s pay usually depends on her performance. If she meets predetermined qualifications, she could be paid higher wages.

Basic housekeeping duties include cleaning and mowing the lawn, cleaning and dusting the kitchen and bathrooms, cleaning the attic and removing garbage and recycling. As part of housekeeping, housekeepers must also vacuum and clean floors, remove cobwebs from the house, dust and sweep the floors, wash clothing and change bedding daily. Housekeepers must also ensure that the house is properly lighted, and that the floors are clean and well-maintained. Vacuuming and sweeping are very important for a housekeeper’s success. They must also check for blocked storm water drains and pipes.

A typical day for a housekeeper includes preparing meals, washing laundry, helping with personal care needs of the household, and fetching the bed linen and towels. Other housekeeping tasks may include preparing the bedding and other bed items, preparing foods for the meals, preparing meals for the family, and fetching the clothes. Housekeepers in most residential facilities are employed on an hourly basis, whereas housekeepers in some hotels and resorts operate on a daily basis. Some housekeepers are employed only during specified hours, and some housekeepers are freelancers. Some housekeepers specialize in particular areas such as window cleaning. Residences sometimes hire housekeepers on a part-time basis for a few hours each week.

To obtain employment as a housekeeper in a hotel or resort, potential housekeepers must attend a few interview sessions conducted by hotel staff or management. Interviews are usually held for hotel housekeeping positions in different locations throughout the world. Applicants then need to complete a hiring agency contract and appear at a few interviews. Before being hired, housekeepers must pass a background check, and any housekeeper who appears less than desirable may be immediately fired.

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