The PMP Exam Changes On August 31, 2011

Every five to seven years, the Project Management Institute (PMI) performs a Role Delineation Study to determine authority (“the role”), responsibilities & duties of project managers today. The findings are then used to update the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam. In this way, PMI ensures that the PMP Exam is a reflection of what project managers actually do in the field. If PMI didn’t regularly go through this process adding new elements and removing old ones, then you would still be tested on outdated methods that were used in the 1980s when the first PMP exam was given. PMI completed their latest study at the end of 2010. The findings will lead to an update in the PMP Exam on 31 August 2011. Let’s look at what this means to you.

First of all and most importantly: There is NO change to the PMBOK Guide. The PMP Exam is currently based on the PMBOK Guide 4th Edition. The 5th edition is scheduled for publication at the end of 2012. This means that the PMP Exam will continue to be largely based on the 4th edition until sometime in 2013 200-300. Therefore, everyone preparing for the PMP Exam can continue to do so using the PMBOK Guide 4th edition until 201

Professional & Social Responsibility Will Be IntegratedIn the current exam format Professional and Social Responsibility is tested as a separate domain. The Role Delineation Study showed that Professional and Social Responsibility is integrated into all of the work of project management and cannot be seen as separate. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct should therefore be viewed and tested as an integrated part of a project manager’s day-to-day work. For the new exam, students will have to understand the effects of Professional and Social Responsibility on their daily tasks.

Exam questions will ask about ethical considerations during procurement, mix social responsibility with team management and test your application of professional responsibility in a written status report. Studying, understanding and living the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in your daily work as a project manager will have a much higher importance for the exam.

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