The Most Probable Cause of Hemorrhoids

Millions of people globally are affected by the painful and sore condition of hemorrhoids. The condition is not life threatening but the pain this condition inflicts is severe. Most cases of this condition are found in industrialized countries. In order to understand the severity of external hemorrhoids one should study the roots of hemorrhoid cause. If unchecked this health condition can become worse creating a possibility of surgery.

Vast research on hemorrhoids has led to the conclusion that the high pressure on the veins in the anus and rectal part is the root cause of this severe health condition. The pressure on the veins can be inflicted through many kinds of situations most of which we know but don’t care to bother resulting in worsening the condition. The situations leading to hemorrhoids include the following:

1. Overweight / Obesity:

Obesity or being overweight is among the leading factors contributing to this health condition. Leading an inactive lifestyle causes obesity. The lifestyle without exercise and fitness training, along with the intake of junk and oily food causes a person to overweight. This causes extreme pressure on the abdominal region of the body which further results in the stress on the veins in the anus and rectal regions. People who have “desk jobs” and don’t move around much are putting themselves at high risk and becoming more prone to hemorrhoids. The conditions become severe if a person continues to live a lazy and inactive life.

2. Lifting heavy objects:

Hemorrhoid cause includes the lifting of heavy objects. Mostly jobs at construction sites and other heavy lifting jobs that require manual labor can lead to hemorrhoids. Other reasons for this condition are strenuous sports which include, weight lifting, riding bicycles, aerobics and other related sports. The reason why these sports are considered to be an element leading to hemorrhoids is that they exert great deal of pressure on the veins in the anus. This stress on the veins leads to hemorrhoids. This doesn’t mean that a person stops exercising, only avoid the frequent participation in such sports and provide time gaps during the sports. This is helpful in reducing the severity of this health problem.

3. Pregnancy and the process of delivery (Childbirth):

Hemorrhoid cause also includes the intense process of pushing during childbirth. During this process the female exerts a high pressure; this causes extreme stress on the veins in the gamot sa almoranas anal region which in turn result in this health problem. Also in some cases pregnancy also causes hemorrhoids. When the female is in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, her abdomen region exerts more pressure on the anal region which leads to this health condition. Although it is a temporary condition but sometimes this health condition may become severe if proper measures are not taken.

This hemorrhoid cause depends upon the nature of the body. Through research it has been found that some women experience hemorrhoids only during their first pregnancy while others have to deal with the pain of hemorrhoids during all their pregnancies. The nature of the body is solely responsible for this interesting phenomenon. If the body is able to deal with stress more effectively the condition of hemorrhoids is avoided. Although pregnancy is a temporary cause of hemorrhoids, it can be treated with natural herbs under a doctor’s supervision.

4. Cleaning too much after defecation:

Cleaning the rectal region and anus after defecation is important. The area should be cleaned gently as the slightest pressure can lead to hemorrhoids in sensitive people. The stress on the veins due to the pressure may result in irritation and swelling. Using baby wipes can control the condition from aggravating in sensitive people.

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