The Best Short Term Investment

There is hardly anyone you know that would not be adverse to making a quick killing in some kind of investment, particularly if it is a short term investment. There are so many ways that you could think of to place your hard earned cash in an investment plan and probably even more offers that you get are more than willing to relieve you of your cash for promises of “the best short term investment plan”.

So with this potential mine field awaiting you how can you manouvre yourself through it and not get financially blown to pieces in the process?

Firstly decide up front what amount or percentage of your income or savings you are willing to place into short term investments. Usually the recommendation is 10% of income. Once you have decided lets look at why use short term investments and what the best short term investment plans are.

Some of the reasons to invest for the short term is to take the benefit of current market conditions, fast changing interest rates, fast changing rates for gold or silver or any other commodity for that matter. You may also have come to know about a new start up company or an existing one that is embarking on an expansion plan. There are a huge amount of opportunities out there. Essentially it is anything that has the potential for fast growth.

Some of the best short term investments are money market mutual funds, bridge loans or swing loans. Other opportunities exist in buying gold or silver when the market value is ready for a rapid change. In late 2006 the price of gold swung from $520 an ounce up to $727 an ounce ion a matter of only a few months. So anyone who detected this movement was able to make a killing. It also fell from the $727 level down to around $610 after fluctuating a bit. If you are investing small capital amounts you will need a large swing in price to make any real money but if you are using large capital amounts then a fairly small shift will bring a great return. On the subject of gold you do not have to use a bank to purchase it. You can easily use an online e-currency where you have immediate personal control.

That is only one of the best short term investment ideas. There are of course many more. One piece of advice for you: If you are not confident in the investment arena or do not have access to current trends and information it would be advisable to use an unbiased financial planner who can advise you what the best short term investment is.

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