The Best Golf Tips – Getting the Most Out of Your Game of Golf Each and Every Time You Play!

Are you sick of playing golf and knowing you could have played much better than you did? Do you want to show up all your golfing friends by shooting much lower scores than they have ever seen you shoot? There are ways to improve your game and with the best golf tips you can drop your handicap considerably. These tips will be aimed more at the high handicap golfer so if you are already very good at golf they might not all apply to you. Here are 3 of the top tips that you can get for golf. best golf accesories

1. Short Game, Short Game, Short Game

One of the things that most higher handicap golfers forget about is their short game. They go to the driving range and hit a few iron shots, a few wedges, and as soon as they feel loose it is onto the driver. Sure it is very important to get off the tee and get into the fairway or at least keep the ball in play, but the place that allows you to score is form 40 yards and in. If you can get up and down for pars and bogies more often you will drop your scores considerably. You should spend about 75% of your practice time on the short game.

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2. Getting off the Tee

The second most important part of golf is to get off the tee. The best golf tips will all include some tips on how to get off the tee and put yourself in a better position to score. One thing that most high handicap golfers do not realize is that they do not have to hit driver off the tee. If you really struggle with your driver, then hit something else. It would be better for you to hit a wood or even an iron off the tee and be short, but able to find your ball, than to hit a driver out of bounds or into a hazard. Keep this in mind when you are playing the course.

3. Course Management

The last of the best golf tips has to do with how to manage the course and yourself better. I will use my father for this tip. He is a high handicap golfer and one of the reasons he shoots aobut 20 strokes more than me in a given round is because he cannot control himself or manage the course correctly. One bad shot and that temper goes, which turns it into multiple bad shots over and over again. This is not the way to play golf and golf is all about positioning yourself the best you possibly can for the next shot. This means laying up and trying to get up and down for pars instead of putting up an ugly number.

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