The Best Charcoal Grills 2021

Weber’s original kettle-style charcoal barbecue grill still holds up to $119. Weber provided the best combination of medium-rare exterior steak and seared interior meat in our high heat searing tests. Weber also provided delicious chicken and crispy skin with its kettle grill. The Weber kettle grill can be used to smoke slow and low at a rock-steady temperature. It results in seriously flavorful ribs.

Because there aren’t many parts or features to deal with while cooking, simple construction makes it easy. Easy cleanup is possible thanks to the Weber grill’s well-designed Ash Tray beneath.

Weber offers an 18-inch version for its original small outdoor charcoal grill kettle design. We tried the 22-inch Weber charcoal barbecue in black. Although there are more expensive and fancier grills that can be used for cooking, the Weber charcoal grill is the best. This charcoal grill is undoubtedly the best. You get a side tray as well as more cooking area. This updated larger grill offers 572 square feet of cooking space, compared to the 390 sq. inches offered by the older model. It’s also more than the Weber’s 363-square inches cooking area.

The Napoleon portable charcoal barbecue is quite expensive at $324 (currently, $319 at Lowe’s; out of stock). During our chicken cooking test, however, the portable grill maintained its temperature much better than any charcoal grill. The chicken tasted great and the grill boasts cast-iron grates covering 365 inches of cooking area. It has a temperature gauge, and a hinge that makes it easy for you to add charcoal.

Napoleon’s ribs tested well. It made a tender, juicy rack in 4 hours, 30 seconds. It was able to maintain a high temperature longer than any other barbecue grill during our chicken testing. The searing was acceptable, though it was average.

Other than that, the grill is very sturdy. The three heights available for your cooking grates allow you to adjust how much heat your food receives while cooking or grilling. This kettle grill might be your best choice.

Hands-on cooking is required when testing charcoal grills. Results will differ depending on your method and the ingredients used. Your experience in cooking and grilling depends on the season, how your charcoal grill is set-up and other factors. Grills that are charcoal-grill style and left outside in the heat of July will be hotter than those that are placed in cooler spring months.

First, a few words about grill thermometers. These hood thermometers were not able to reflect the temperatures that we have recorded using our data software and thermocouples. It’s not unusual for grill thermometers reading high. To avoid this, we recommend keeping an oven or Bluetooth thermometer nearby while you grill, either for the temperature of your meat or the temperature of the grill.

We seared two steaks each on each grill in order to check high heat. We measured charcoal in a chimney using grams. This was in accordance with the grill’s specific surface area. The charcoal was placed inside a chimney. After it had burned, it was allowed to cool down and then the charcoal was put into the grill. The steaks are ready for the grill after they have been grilled for 10 mins.We placed two steaks onto each grilling grate near the center. The steaks were seared for 5 mins, and then we turned them around and seared another 5 minutes. 

You will get a steak with a well-oiled outside and medium-rare to medium centre if you have a reliable grill. If you like your meat more done, you can either increase the cooking time or sear. You can also finish cooking in an oven. Weber Classic Kettle has the Weber Classic Kettle as our top charcoal grill. The steak was well grilled and retained medium doneness. Tacklife’s Tacklife review device was the worst. It didn’t hold heat and didn’t sear as it cooked. The steak cooked on this grill took an extra 5 minutes to reach 135 F. This is the minimum for medium-rare.

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