Tea Party Bridal Showers and Theme Weddings

While everyone knows where tea originated, no one knows when the now worldwide custom of tea infusion began. Its origin is concealed in the shimmering mists of exotic legends of which the following is but one. One of the Emperors of China, who lived 5,000 years ago, was an excellent ruler and always delighted in setting a good example for his subjects. One of these was that he always boiled his drinking water. One day a few leaves from the branches which were burning under the pot of boiling water fell into it, giving it a delightful scent and flavor and making the water a drink indeed fit for an emperor. The branches were those of the wild tea plant. Apart from such charming fantasies however, what is certain about tea drinking is that it was widely practiced in China as early as the 6th Century. The new drink spread to China’s neighbor Japan, very quickly, the earliest record of tea drinking in that country was in 729 AD when the Emperor Shomu invited 100 Buddhist monks to take tea in his palace. From that time on a most elaborate ritual grew up round the making of tea. It is called Cha-no-yu and is a long and intricate ceremony in which the hostess, the guests, all the tea-making utensils and even the room in which the tea is taken play set parts. Nowadays tea is made and drunk according to Western standards but the old ceremony is still taught and widely practiced. In the modern day tea has been incorporated into the ceremonial practice of a tea party and the comfort drink of the world.

Hot tea may raise esophageal cancer risk

With the increasing popularity of tea and tea wedding favors or tea bridal shower favors, tea party bridal showers and receptions are also becoming popular. If you are throwing a tea party bridal shower, especially on a budget, it is possible to create a setting elegant enough for even the most demanding tea connoisseurs without spending a whole lot of money 花茶. With some creativity and a little bit of time you can create a tea party bridal shower that will impress everyone. First of all, things don’t have to match, or be traditional in order to be charming. It is not a big deal if you don’t have a silver tea set or matching china. You can create a colorful and elegant table setting with completely mismatched tea things. Cups and plates don’t have to match. You can always browse flea markets and garage sales to find cheap tableware. The napkins should be cloth of some kind, but it is not necessary for them to be fancy or expensive. Handkerchiefs can also be converted into napkins. You can serve simple little tea sandwiches and chocolates at your tea party. The important part is the tea. Make sure to serve several different kinds of tea. There are designer tea sachets available in several different flavors and make a very nice variety of teas. The pretty tea sachets also look very elegant when displayed as bridal shower tea favors or as a part of your tea menu.

Invite your tea party bridal shower guests with Victorian style lace fan invitations. These can be made easily with lace fans or sandalwood fans. Print your invitations on velum paper and cut them out in the shape of your fans, then glue the invitations to fans. They look quite lovely and make very unique invitations. An idea for favors is to give your bridal shower guests recipe book bridal shower favors. Ask your guest to send in their favorite recipes and put them together to create the book using parchment paper. Make sure to give the bride a special book of recipes. Another great idea is to serve the tea sachet favors for the bridal shower and give the personalized tea bags out as bridal shower favors. The individual personalized tea bag favor is available in many different colors and styles to suit your bride’s personality. Tea is becoming the “in” drink of this decade. For brides and grooms looking to give their guests something unique by which to remember the happy occasion, designer tea favors is a “Tea-rific” way to say “thank you for sharing in our special day.” Next to water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Personalized individually packaged tea bags present an idea that’s right in sync with current consumer tastes and gives bridal couples a new alternative to traditional wedding favors! There are array of ways to offer tea favors to your guests. Tea bags come in beautifully designed packages as well as loose tea tins that can be personalized with designer labels and tags for special occasions. An inexpensive way to offer tea wedding favors is to purchase your favorite tea bags in bulk, then place each tea bag in a glassine envelope and embellish with pretty ribbon and a personalized tag or label. This is a fun DIY project that brides can do with family and girlfriends. The Wedding Tea Favors offers brides and grooms a stylish, personalized wedding favor at a great low price. Allow your guests to enjoy a warm, relaxing cup of tea while reminiscing about your wedding. The tea favor idea is not only great for weddings, but for tea parties and bridal showers as well.

The idea of a tea party does not need to end with the bridal shower. To continue the quaint tea theme, tea and tea party aperitifs can be served during the cocktail hour prior to the reception dinner. For this twist to your regular cocktail hour, you may want to find unique way to also serve cocktails, such as Long Island Ice Teas. For couples on a budget or those just wanting to do a cocktail wedding reception, a nice alternative is a tea party wedding reception. A tea party wedding reception reflects the couple’s efforts to do more than just a simple cocktail party after the wedding ceremony. A tea party wedding reception shows effort and care on the couple’s part as well as their personality.

Just because your theme is an elegant tea party does not mean you have to forget all about the java. If you are a coffee lover, then include coffee in your tea party bridal shower or tea wedding reception. After all, coffee was declared the national drink of the then colonized United States by the Continental Congress, in protest of the excessive tax on tea levied by the British crown. A romantic and unique idea for coffee lovers, the custom coffee favors are sure to wow your wedding guests. Present them at your wedding reception or tuck them inside your welcome baskets along with a heart shaped coffee scoop. Your guests will enjoy the rich aroma of fresh roasted coffee the day after your wedding. Coffee is popular and makes a useful wedding favor. Wedding coffee favors are personalized with the bride’s and groom’s name and wedding date on each pack. Coffee wedding favors and coffee bridal shower favors are also available in the same designs as the tea favors. Place the personalized coffee favors with silver heart coffee scoops for a pretty and romantic touch at each table setting. To offer variety personalized coffee and tea favors can be placed in baskets for wedding guests or bridal shower guest to pick up as they leave. That way your wedding or bridal shower guests can select the personalized tea or coffee favor of their preference as they go home.

Tea and coffee themes are making a come back and they are great for bridal showers or quaint backyard reception parties. Personalized coffee and tea wedding favors, as well as bridal shower favors are the chic new favor of choice for brides and grooms. The personalized coffee favors and tea favors are great for any wedding or bridal shower, yet they are ideal for a tea party themed event set in afternoon right before sunset. Your afternoon bridal shower or wedding reception will be a hit with the tea sachet favors, personalized coffee packet favors and personalized tea favors to suit your guests needs.

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