Stylish and Sturdy Corten Finishing

One of the most cost effective procedures is using corten, corten finishing, powder painting and other metal finishing that increases the life of metal by eliminating the need to replace or repair it. Hence it also makes it a cost effective solution for using metals in various construction.

Weathering Steel: 12 Corten Houses Built for Resiliency - Architizer Journal

Corten is a actually a structural material normally used in shipping containers. It has a rusty finish and the rust that appears on its surface creates a protective layer making the metal underneath untouched by weather conditions. Once corten is exposed to weather, the rust formation not only makes the metal more durable but it creates a naturally aesthetic looks. It looks so beautiful that you need not even paint your metal Korten. All that you need to do is, install wherever needed and enhance the overall appearance of your building or a site.

Corten, corten finishing and oxidation of steel have become a popular methods of beautifying the outdoors. Corten is used widely in making of metal sculptures and in creating various outdoor themes in parks, outside shopping malls and office buildings, etc. They fit very well in a landscaped garden and hence corten finishing is used in decoration of buildings and landscapes.

Corten steel is ideal to use on compound walls and in gates of a house. It not only makes it look attractive but is more ideal in terms of offering great security too. They are sturdy and can resist any rough weather conditions, protecting the metal inside. By placing modern art sculptures amde of corten in your garden and near the front gates, you can make your house look like a beautiful landmark. You can use corten finishing just on your front portion of your house or the entire exterior of your house too.

Corten steel is also widely used in making huge containers for shipping companies. Since a weather resistant layer is formed over the containers, they offer great level of protection to the goods inside during their shipment. This metal is also ideal for using in building roofs as they are cost effective alternate to asphalt or any other roofing. It is also highly fire resistant and hence perfect for use in fire places and chimneys. If you are using your barbecue grill in your garden or backyard, you can have a C-shaped corten enclosure to protect the surrounding from any fire incidents.

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