Studies Show that Sports Performance Improves with the Use of Hypnosis

When Bruce mentioned to me during a hypnotic session for chronic pain relief that he was going to play an important game of golf and that he needed to feel physically and mentally at his peak, I suggested that we use hypnosis to help prepare for the upcoming game. Prior to his “big” game we had a few meetings where suggestions were given to reduce physical pain, improve his swing, and play golf like a pro.

There is plenty of evidence that hypnotism, simple imagery, and direct suggestions assist in overall improvements in sports activities. It is possible to elevate an individual’s sports ability through the use of hypnosis. Additionally, hypnosis is quite effective for soothing pregame anxieties. Champion golfer Dave Stockton was once asked to name the player he most feared in the field of golf champions. Without hesitation he answered, “Me.” No one has ever stated more succinctly the truth that what goes on inside you counts most in athletic performance. I always say, “It’s what’s in my mind that counts! 메이저사이트

The use of deep relaxation and visualization was made public in the 1960s when the techniques were applied to training athletes for Olympic competition. Of four skiers trained in Switzerland, three won gold medals in the 1980 Olympics. It wasn’t long before these techniques were applied to virtually every sport, and with astounding results.

The 1984 Olympics demonstrated over and over the effective power of mental training. We saw bobsled teams sway as they practiced visualization before each event. We heard MaryLou Retton tell how she “mind scripted” every move the night before winning her gold medal. We read how Greg Louganis, another gold medalist and the only diver ever to score a perfect 10 in international competition, employed as much mental preparation as physical training. He visualized each dive 40 times as he wanted it to be step-by-step before mounting the platform. Coaches and players have consistently stated, “Training the mind is at least as important as training the body.”

I have worked with groups of teens that have taken many strokes off of their golf games. In fact, I worked with one young golfer that took twelve strokes off of his game and won himself a scholarship to college as a golfer! There is no limit on what the mind can do when it is programmed with positive expectations. After all, hypnosis is belief + expectation = outcome!

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