Social Media and Project Management

In their infancy, social media networks were predominantly used by the public to communicate their personal news to each other. However, social media is now a vital part of running a business. Most businesses now use at least one social network platform PMP certification. They use these to promote their business, market their products or services and to keep clients and customers updated with their latest news and information. They are also used in-house for the purpose of collaboration and communication. A social project manager is now expected to be able to manage both face-to-face and online collaborations.

As such, using social media is part of the role of a project manager. It is also a relatively recently added topic on project management courses as the need for project management training in this area is now recognised. If social communications are part of your role, then you may be wondering what the future holds in this arena.

As social media is constantly changing, it is difficult to make too many predictions about the future. What can be said, is that managers are spending more time than ever developing networks through planning, creation, and management. However, some people still prefer to use traditional methods of communication. Therefore, it is important to link both online and offline projects and give an equal amount of input to each and making sure they have the same relevant data.

As a result of the greater diversity in most workplaces and the anti-discrimination laws in place. Customers and clients will also come from a range of backgrounds and some may have a disability. For this reason, the role of a social project manager is to ensure that information is accessible for everyone and this may entail using a variety of media. It is essential to take into account all the needs of your users. It is possible that you may need specialist IT support with this so that you can implement the use of different platforms and tools.

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