Seduce and Attract A Man Or Woman Using Sexual Energy

Whenever two or more people come together to make something happen, sexual-creative energy flows to fill the void between them and to empower their actions. Each of us succeeds or fails in our interactions with the opposite sex to the degree that we give form and direction to this creative force.

You may be one of those people who when you see an attractive man or woman, you instantly and urgently feel so attracted to him or her that sometimes in your “disorganized state’ you do something that sabotages your efforts to make a good first impression. Or you may be one of those people who when with a sexual partner rushes headlong into genital touching and sexual penetration either because you have little understanding of how your body works or are afraid that if you do not do it soon enough you’ll lose your staying power. Hard, fast, rushed sexual attraction or sexual intercourse destroys the passion and possibility of a strong connection developing naturally.

Either case, you are suffering from the backlash of “sexual messages” imprinted in your sexual programming. This default sexual programming is what prevents you from fully and effectively channeling your awesome sexual energy to extol the glories of sexual attraction and pleasure.

When you are not programmed to express yourself as a sexual being (in a healthy way) you stifle the inward movement of sexual energy and never fully allow your sexual energy to flow Px7 primal flow and fill the void between you and the opposite sex. You never allow your sexual energy to empower your actions and connect with the opposite sex at a very primal level.

Making full use of your sexual-creative energies available to you begins with the active conscious broadcasting of your sexual energy.

The art of seduction when done the right way (slow, gentle and relaxed) is a powerful space for you to broaden and explore the use of your sexual energy. When used as a way of broadcasting sexual energy, the art of seduction teaches you how to tune-in and respond to the other person’s sexual energy. You can in effect request another person to take you into the very centre of themselves and there play with you for hours. When this degree of connection is established, seduction stops being a technique, routine or act and instead becomes one flow of sexual energies.

Some people are innately aware of powerful way of attracting the opposite sex while others are aware somewhere within their inner wisdom but quite often fear, doubt, shame and other insecurities step in and most people will hold back and lose the critical moment.

We all have the ability to connect with the opposite sex at a deep primal level that is so powerfully and irresistibly attractive, and deep within us we long to be able to do just that. I encourage you to embrace the function of your sexual energy by practicing free-flowing energy-in-motion. You will be surprised at how effortlessly you can attract the opposite sex.

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