Samsung D800 – Truly Captivating

Some of the latest Samsung mobile phones have so many features that one finds oneself at a loss where to start from.Samsung D800 is such a phone. It is a slide phone like the earlier D500 and D600, but the slide is smoother than it is in the earlier versions. It is also one of the thinnest Samsung has ever made. At 15mm, it is just 1mm thicker than the Motorola RAZR.

Coming to the camera, it is 1.3 mega pixels. It is quite puzzling why Samsung chose to revert back to 1.3, when in D600 they had used a 2 mega pixel camera. Anyway, the brilliant TFT LCD with 262,144 colours and 240×320 pixels makes up for the 1.3 mega pixel camera.

For the music lovers, Samsung D800 has a stereo mp3 player which supports file formats like AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, and WMA. Stereo headset is supplied with the phone and therefore you don’t need to spend separately on that. Ring tones are wonderful like in some other Samsung mobile phones kingkongxo joker with 64 voice mp3 tones. Other voice features include a speakerphone and a voice recorder.

Another remarkable feature of Samsung D800 is the direct TV output. We have so many sophisticated phones in the market but very few of them have this feature. The direct TV output allows you to view pictures and videos directly on the TV. This is not the end however. Samsung D800 also allows you view office documents like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint on TV with it TV output feature.

The memory of Samsung D800 is limited at 80 Mbytes as there is no memory card slot. With this much memory you can store up to 20 mp3 tracks and one hour of video. But that is the limit. This limitation is a bit disappointing as some of the earlier models of Samsung have space for memory card.

Other mentionable features of the SamsungD800 are:


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