Pros and Cons of a Password Keeper For Your android Phones

password keeper app

Password Keeper is an efficient secured storage for the user’s login credentials of various web applications you use frequently. The password you provide to the password keeper should be strong and never reveal your actual password to anybody else, as this may be used to access your account on various websites. To access your password keeper application, all you need to do is execute the download from the website. Once downloaded, you should open the wallet to start the installation process.

After installation, you can start creating unique passwords in the password keeper app for the different websites you frequent. The software generates the password every time you enter the specified information in the forms. It stores the password on the secure storage for several years and can access them with just a few clicks. All you need to do is copy the password and username into the provided fields, without revealing them to anybody who may be peeping at the application. The password you choose should be unique and not common. It should be short and easy to remember, and should not include any symbols or numbers.

You can set multiple passwords for your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo! etc. accounts and the password keeper app will assign them all a password that is unique for each account. Thus, while you create new passwords for these accounts, you also update the passwords for other accounts you use regularly.

While using the password manager app, it is essential that you do not create multiple versions of the backup for your android phones and smart phones. This is because, if a person steals your cell phone or backup, he may use your original copies to wipe out your files and make you lose your data. Thus, in order to prevent this from happening, you should create a copy of your backups on separate disks.

Another major disadvantage of using this software is that it does not support most of the third-party applications that are available for password management. It offers only limited facilities such as deletion of password entries, resetting of passwords, hiding user names and passwords, and updating passwords. These features, however, are widely available in the free versions of the password manager. Thus, while these extensions have the same function as the paid versions, they have less functions. And thus, they are much lesser in number in comparison to the paid versions of the software.

On the other hand, there are many advantages of using a password manager software. One of its great advantages is that it provides unlimited password storage space for your android phones. This feature is provided by almost every password manager. Most of these password managers offer a one-time fee for lifetime access to their services, but some of the expensive programs provide lifetime updates and service support. These features will ensure that your password manager will work for as long as your device.

A Password Keeper app is also very useful because it makes use of the android browser as its interface. Since the password manager allows you to store different web services keys under different user accounts, you do not need to memorize different username codes for each service. Each service can be accessed with a user name and password by logging into the secure lock browser, which is built into the app.

Apart, from its many advantages, a Password Keeper app is also very compatible with various browsers and mobile devices. There are many extensions designed to run as standalone browser extensions or compatible with specific browser extensions. Thus, you can use your existing password strength manager application without installing any new software.

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