Om Pendants And Their Unique Qualities

Pendants are unique and well designed ornaments that hang on necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They are simply known as ‘hanging jewelry or ornaments’. Pendants come in variety of brands and designs. Among the very best causing ripples in the fashion industry are the pendants which are quality jewelry products loaded with meanings.

Om pendants have a very peculiar origin in the great Tibetan brooch manufacturer supplier culture. The term “Om” is usually the very first sound in the highly revered mantra which denotes the Tibetan culture. The “Om” is part of a common Tibetan phrase normally used in the mantra. The phrase goes as follows: “Om main padme hum” meaning “hail to the jewel in the lotus”. Each one of these words has a special meaning that connotes the idea of purification in the life of an individual. Meanwhile, the term “Om” later became part and parcel of jewelry manufacturing in the Hindu culture. The Buddhist jewelry also imbibed it.

Om are usually made of ceramics and other metals. They normally have special images attached to them. The Buddhist brands of Om pendants usually have the image of Buddha while the Hindu brands do come with images of Hindu statues. The Shiva statue is usually a very common image used in designing Hindu pendants.

In any case, the Om of most brands usually comprise of endless knots. These knots have various interpretations. They could be interpreted as the interaction between the opposing forces of the world which leads to harmony in the universe. They also refer to the infinite wisdom of Buddha as seen in the Buddhist religion.

The term “Om” also means meditation. When one is fully engaged in it, he or she is sure to attain another level of existence in the religious life. The term was said to be the very first sound in Tibetan mantras. It was also claimed to be used by the Creator during the forming of the universe. Hence, when you make use of the “Om pendant”, you’re likely to be attracting great powers that can improve your life beyond your wildest imagination. However, you need to have strong belief in the efficacy of the Om pendants before you begin to see any benefits that come with them.

The Om of most brands are normally worn around the neck as amulets. Their makers claim that they do protect the heart of the wearer from external attacks. In fact, the pendants serve as charms you can always use to protect yourself. This has been the belief in the Tibetan and Hindu cultures and other regions where the Buddhist religion is being practiced.

The Om pendants are mainly used as attachments to necklaces and bracelets especially those of them that have the Buddhist and Hindu origin. Today, the pendants are used all over the world. Many people who wear them do believe in the hidden powers attached to the “om” symbol. A good number of fashion lovers believe in the hidden powers of the Om pendants irrespective of the stand of their own religions. Today, the Om pendants are very popular in most Asian cultures especially, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan and so on. In Africa, they are popular in Egypt. They are also causing waves in the Western world.

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