Octagon Table – Advantages of Owning This Card Table Furniture

There are many advantages of owning an octagon table for your home card games. Octagon tables makes your card game experience much better in terms of bringing home that card game experience that we love when we play at casinos. Many individuals currently play on any table that they have at home; one of the most common places that we play card games on is the dining room table. Playing on your บาคาร่า dining table is great if you have few players in your group, but you can really damage your dining table depending on how often you play cards. If you have a wooden table, you can really wear down the lacquer and can leave scuff marks.

An octagon card table is great if you don’t have that much room to add other types of card tables. For instance, an oval table is a very large-sized table that makes it hard for people to find any space in their house. An octagon table is usually only 48 inches across, which means that you don’t really that much room to house the table. If you’re not sure about the table’s dimensions, you can view the octagon table plans online before you purchase to double check.

There is no need to worry about scuffing up the table because these will probably be lined with that beautiful felt table top that we’re all familiar with. Most octagon poker tables will have padding around the edges for you to rest your arms.

Another advantage of owning these tables is how portable it is compared to your family set. Most octagon pieces can be folded into fours and comes with a convenient carrying case. This allows anyone to take their card table wherever they go because they are more than likely just the tabletops. Tabletops are simply card tables without any legs and make it very convenient for those that do not enough room in their house for another piece of furniture.

If you have more than 3 people over for a card game, than your dining set won’t work because there won’t be enough space to seat the other players. No one would want to play at the corner of the tables so therefore, you’re going to need more sides. An octagon table has eight sides of equal length, so you can have a total of seven other players. The shape of this eight-sided furniture is symmetrical, which is important for playing cards. A symmetrical shape allows everyone to be seated and have the same distance to the center of the table. That means that everyone would have the same reach and you don’t have to lean over to see the cards on the table.

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