Obtaining a Permanent Residence Card in Canada

Canada is one of the most desired countries to live in according to recent surveys. With thousands of job opportunities on its way, scenic views that becomes a major tourist attraction, thriving cities and a multi-cultural society makes it a very interesting place to live in. In fact there are a quarter of a million people immigrate to Canada each year from different places all over the world. Now the first step in becoming a Canadian citizen is to obtain a permanent resident status (you will get a PR card as proof of your PR status) and there are quite a number of ways to qualify for it actually. They are as follows:

Under the terms of the following categories/programs any person who qualifies can apply for Canadian citizenship through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC. In almost all of the programs a person is required to live and work in Canada for at least 2 years before applying for permanent residence status. This is because it helps the government evaluate you whether or not you are fit to join their society and the contribution you can make. Once you’ve obtained the PR card you will be asked to remain in Canada for another 3 years in order to complete the 5-year period citizenship requirement, and then you will be granted the citizenship by the CIC 취업이민 영주권.

Being a permanent resident in Canada allows you to have certain benefits, which includes having the right to social benefits (for you and your dependants as well). You also have the right to live, work or study anywhere in Canada, apply for citizenship eventually and be protected by Canada’s laws. The only difference between someone who is under a PR status and a Canadian citizen is that you cannot vote and are not allowed to assume job positions that require high security clearance from the Canadian government.

Failing to meet the requirements of being a permanent resident in Canada will result in the cancellation of your PR status. Likewise if you are convicted of a serious crime you will lose your permanent residence status and will be immediately deported back to your country of origin.

Hundreds of thousands of foreigners have benefitted from Canada’s immigration programs, and because of this Canada has so many sub-cultures that have been adapted by immigrants from different countries. In a way Canadians too have benefitted from these immigrants not only in the services they’ve offered, but the cultural exchange as well. For instance it was recently reported that Asian immigrants promote a healthy lifestyle that most Canadians are now beginning to accept in their own lives as well. Aside from the usual things that are commonly expected in Canada once you become a permanent resident, the sidelines include the pockets of transculturalism found in most places in Canada.

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