Nursing Homework

Oh no, not another homework assignment! This is something I would often say to myself as I was in nursing school. Sometimes, assignments can really add up. You have homework from other courses to complete, tests coming up, work and/or clinicals to manage, and not to mention trying to maintain a personal life in the mix of that.

So it can be quite frustrating to say the least, when you have to complete a care plan. So what are they? Why do nursing students have to complete them? And will you actually use them on the job?

Nursing Homework

Care plans are simply plans that include the patients problems, and your intended course of action or treatment to help resolve or treat the problem. That is all it is in a nutshell. So if that is all it is, why do nursing students have to do so many of them?

In nursing school, you will often be given very detailed care plans to complete. The point of this is to develop your critical thinking skills in nursing, and to familiarize yourself with some of the procedures of treating medical conditions. This is very important, as you will have to treat patients daily. Do registered nurses actually have to do them on the job? Yes indeed.

A part of your job as a nurse will be to complete a care plan on the job for your patients. These may be far less detailed and easier than the ones you do in nursing school. But nonetheless, it is an important part of nursing.

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