Measuring Up Universities Against Community Colleges

There have always been arguments regarding degrees from universities and diplomas from community colleges. Is the university one as beneficial as its supporters seem to think it is? Let’s have a look and see if the university degree really is so worth having.

If you attend university, it is generally because you want to make a career in one of those jobs that traditionally pays higher wages than those which anyone can enter. A degree opens this door to higher earnings as these careers demand a degree as a form of entry

One of the big attractions of going to a university is that you will be leaving home, living on campus and embracing the whole college lifestyle. This is the experience of a lifetime, which, sadly, community college students miss out on.

For those who have never lived alone or have never traveled much, the thought of living on campus and meeting so many new people is what tips the balance and makes them decide to opt for university. It is an exciting time and an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Universities attract students from across the globe, so different nationalities, cultures and religions etc make for one very big and exciting melting pot of diversity.

If you want to experience this diversity at a community college, you will have to attend one in a city like New York, which has such a large population that diversity is guaranteed.

If you want to experience how life is for different cultures, then university supplies this. As a community colleges is basically a commuter campus the same as a school, the main student body is more likely to be those who can travel easily to it; so the cultural diversity doesn’t exist.

There are new friends and experiences to be had at a community college, but one the studying has finished for the day, there s nothing there to provide evening entertainment. The universities are rightly proud of the entertainment and trips that they provide for their students once the days lectures are over.

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