Life – Just Like a Game of Ludo

Did I hear you say “Life is dicey”? Living life is like casting dice in a game of Ludo. A die has different faces but you only need one face to start your game; a six (6). Once you start, you can no longer predict the faces you display when you throw; maybe 1,2,3,4 or 5. You just play with whatever you have whether it moves your token to the finish square safely or it drags along, whether it takes you far or slows you down.

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In reality, you don’t play this game alone, you play with an opponent and each person takes his/her turn to race the tokens to the finish square smoothly. Sometimes, the race of one of your tokens ends suddenly and is returned back to start from scratch, while some get to the finish square. Some complete their task along the way by getting rid of an opponent’s token. Every move you make is a risk because you never know what your opponent is plotting 토큰게임.

Every time you release a token with a ‘SIX’ indicates that every new chapter of your life starts perfectly.e.g.the day you were born, got married or got a new job, but the journey thereof is so unpredictable. Every move your token makes represents the steps you take as you move along the pages of life. Sometimes it’s towards your victory but at other times, it’s towards your defeat.

Not every chapter you open ends happily. Most tokens are returned to start from scratch meaning sometimes life hits you so hard that you need to go back and start the journey all over again. When your token makes it to the ‘home coloured squares’, the player feels safe; when we finally achieve what we desire at the end of the road, it’s usually a resting place where no one can get us.

Each player finishes one at a time which means we can’t all make it at the same time, some are smarter, some are slower and some cheat to win. To avoid being a loser, you need to acquire the necessary skills needed to outshine your opponent. You need to know and apply the rules of the game and think one step ahead of your contemporaries.

You have to win no matter how complicated it is because you cannot afford to be a loser. No matter how many times your strategy fails, no matter how many times you get knocked out and have to retrace your steps, just keep playing because THE MORE YOU PLAY, THE BETTER YOU GET.

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