Know Interesting Facts About PDF Converters

Portable Document Format is a widely used computer application by the people across the globe. It has changed the way people ever worked. Since its inception, Portable Document Format has undergone many modifications. There are many instances when a user wants to convert a document from one format to another. Many tools equip a user to exercise this kind of facility.

Computer users can convert PDF to Word, Excel or Image. One can also convert all these applications back to Portable Document Format. A PDF converter has a variety of features. It enables a user to edit the converted document as per the requirement. The images, text, layout and fonts remain intact during the conversion process. Even the graphs and charts are copied as they were in the previous format. Some tools also support hyperlinks and bookmarks in a converted document. You can convert multiple documents in a desired format instantly. One can also select the pages of the documents and then convert them into a selected application like Word or Power Point.

This is possible with the use of the ‘Partial Conversion’ feature. One can also personalize the language of the document into many international languages like English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese split pdf for free through multilingual conversion ability. The tools are independent of any other application for the installation of the software. Some tools also enable a user to perform actions such as printing, copying, extracting, signing, filling, assembling or merging a PDF file. In many instances, there is a need to convert a PDF file to Image. Some applications provide a user with a facility to extract image from a PDF file. The quality of the images remains intact. Other applications reduce the file size of a converted document. For instance, if you want to convert Word to PDF the file size of a Word document remains smaller. Therefore, you can use images and graphics without worrying about the size of the file.

There is much software introduced to improve the functioning of the Portable Document Format. These tools aim at enabling the user to work digitally with convenience. Users can share documents and coordinate expediently and instantly with the use of such tools.

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