Jazz Piano Lessons – Spice Up Your Playing

There are a host of sub genres associated with jazz music. Once you start jazz piano lessons you will open the door for bebop, chamber jazz, avant-garde, gypsy jazz, mini-jazz, model jazz, m-base, cool jazz, mainstream, neo-bop and big band.

Associated Instruments

You will hear these instruments in a typical jazz band: sax, trumpet, bass guitar, clarinet, flute, guitar, tuba, vibraphone, banjo, double bass, and of course the piano. Which leads us to jazz piano lessons.

Get In The Mood

Jazz is so complex that one way to define its mood is change. How you play jazz depends on your mood. Learning this genre of music requires a great deal of improvisational skills, as any jazz musician will tell you, they never really play the same composition the same way. It is always changing. Jazz is probably the most diversified music you could play.

Get Your Ear In Tune

Not only will you need to master improvisational skills, but learning 鋼琴導師 how to play by ear will be a definite plus as well. Jazz piano lessons will show you the subtle key differences in this style of music, which can often sound as if it is out of key.

Before You Begin

No doubt you are a fan of jazz and listen to it often. Now you need to listen some more, to study it from a different point of view. Put in your favorite CD, sit back and really listen to how each instrument is playing. If there is piano in the piece, listen to each note change and how it seems to be playing its own tune at the same time. Each instrument plays its own song. That is the beauty of jazz music.

Online lessons

You can find jazz piano lessons online, which may be preferred to traditional instruction, as most music teachers do not focus on any particular style of music. If you need help with music theory then a tutor can be called in to assist you.

The main thing to remember when learning jazz is you really need to have a strong grasp on harmonics and have the ability to improvise. Jazz is personal. You can make it your own, by adding your personal style and feelings into what you play.

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