Instantly Build Your Online Credibility

Regardless of what type of website or business you’re pursuing on the web, you and your site must be seen as “credible” in the eyes of your visitors or it’s “game over” before you even get started. Visitors must believe you are someone who “knows their stuff” and is worth their time.

Therefore, instantly establishing this credibility is vital to your site’s success, especially online where people are still very distrustful of what they see and read. And if you’re selling something this “distrust meter” takes a giant leap of faith.

So here are some eight quick ways to instantly build trust with your site’s visitors and remember you only have a few nanoseconds to accomplish this difficult task.

So try these quick trust building methods:

1. Credibility Pre-header. Many marketers and webmasters try to get or place a credibility pre-header above their content, especially if you’re selling a product. “America’s #1 Affiliate Marketer according to Time Magazine, reveals all his secrets…”

Or something along those lines, but keep in mind, this pre-header must have a neutral third party blurb or statement which can be backed up. Quoting respected important sources such as major magazines, news programs, well known organizations or even other important web sites will instantly help establish your credibility in the mind of the viewer.

That’s why on a lot of sites you see such things as “As seen on Oprah” “As seen On CNN” or even the old stand-by “As seen on TV” will add credibility to what follows… just use the same concept on your own site. While you may not be able to boast those kinds of claims… you can usually come up with some important (well known websites) which feature your work or content. I like using sites like “Featured on”, “Featured on”, “Featured on SiteProNews”, while those places don’t have the power of a Larry King, Dr. Phil or Oprah… they do establish some instant credibility in the “eyes” of your visitor.

2. Picture and Bio. Have your picture and bio at the top of the page so that readers can instantly see who you are. Give your major accomplishments and successes because you must prove that you’re worth their time. Many savvy marketers use a two-columned page format where one side is used to establish credibility… where you place your picture, your bio, any awards your site has won and tons and tons of testimonials from your visitors and site users.

Use this whole side column all the way down your page to establish your credibility. As readers are reading your content or sales letter, they can glance over to see what you’re saying is backed up by other people.

3. Testimonials. As mentioned above, you should have testimonials on your page and plenty of them. These will give credibility to what you’re saying. You should also place a few of these testimonials in your main sales letter as well as to use the credibility of the person giving the recommendation to your best advantage.

Many big-name online marketers (Gurus) do have enormous credibility in the “eyes” of those reading the content. These testimonials can go a long way in establishing your credibility as well. Use as many as you can possibly get. Don’t forget that also adding recommendations from the BBB (Better Business Bureaus) and placing securely buttons/logos does also help in establishing your site’s credibility.

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