Inc & Co. Article Submission

The Inc & Co Magazine is a British magazine, focused on business and professional issues. Issues are sent to subscribers twice a month, four months a year. A unique feature of this magazine is that it allows its subscribers the opportunity to submit an article for publication free of charge. In return for doing so, the writer must include a bio and byline with a link to the website of the company or organization that the article pertains to. Businesses can post articles on the page in which they would like to be seen. The cost of writing the article and submitting it to the Inc & Co. The magazine is free.

There are various categories that can be used in order to find an article that pertains to your field of expertise. For instance, if you are a doctor, one category that might have articles pertaining to this profession would be “doctor-related incisions”. Another category might be “business Incisions”. In order to locate an article that falls within your chosen category, one has to search the pages of the Inc & Co. Magazine in each category. Once located, the writer will have to select the desired category.

It is not only the categories that are available at no cost. There are various sections within the Inc & Co. Magazine that allow authors to upload images of their work, including websites, brochures, business cards, etc. When uploading an image, the author is required to include a bio and a link to the website in the photo. The costs for doing this vary between writers Inc & Co magazine article.

If an article is submitted to Inc & Co. Magazine and is used without modifications, the author retains all rights to the article. However, in cases where modifications are necessary due to space constraints, costs, or content the author is free to do so. The author’s name will also appear on any publications that use the article. The author may request that a byline is included in order for other readers to know the true author of the article.

Some authors are even able to submit more than one article per month. Upon approval by Inc & Co., the articles will then be divided into sections, which will then be posted in different parts of the Inc & Co. Magazine. The articles can be found in the front page, inside the classified section, or any other section the magazine deems appropriate. If multiple articles are being used for advertising purposes, the author will be charged extra for each article.

To find out more information on Inc & Co. magazine article submission, one can do a search on the internet. A number of companies will be found on the internet that offer such services. Some will charge a fee, while others will allow writers to submit their articles free of charge. It should be noted that all fees associated with submitting an article to Inc & Co. are in addition to any fees that may be due from the actual publication of the article. The cost of the article submission service is a small price to pay to get great exposure for your business.

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