How to Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool in a Way to Get You Hot Keywords

While the Google AdWords keyword tool isn’t technically free, it only costs $5, which you get as credit to spend on adwords. This will be the best investment you will make for keyword tools. Think about it. Google is the biggest company in the whole world created for giving data to people who are buying keywords. Google wants to give you the most effective real-time keywords so you will continue to use their best google keyword rank checker services. Why would you want to neglect this resource?

Here’s how you get the most out of it. First, login to your AdWords account, click tools, and then select keyword tool. Search for a broad term in the niche you want to research, and then select “use synonyms” and perform your research.

The Google AdWords keyword tool will return a list of keywords that have been proven to be relevant by Google standards. Now, take these terms, and put them into the search engine. Take the top 10 websites those terms deliver, then go back to Google AdWords keyword tool, click on the site related keywords tab, and enter those 10 sites to get even more keywords.

Now, use synonyms for each of these searches and add those keywords to your list. Continue this process over and over again until you get as many keywords as you think are necessary. Now you have a list of keywords that you can use with any other keyword research tools such as Word tracker, keyword analyzer, SEO Elite, and so on to scrape for long tail keyword searches. If you still need more words, you can take the list you returned from the other keyword tools, and then bring them into the Google AdWords keyword research tool. You can also use the Google traffic estimator as a guide to see which terms have the highest searches.

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