How to Trick Google With Your SEO Articles and Web Content

So you’re spending time writing SEO articles and creating highly optimised web content, or you’re using an article service to create articles for you? What made you click on the link that brought you to this article then?

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Perhaps you’re looking for a sneaky little trick that will power your articles to the top of the search results in no time at all? You’re looking for an edge that no one else has got that will let your content rush to the top of the results like a flatulent cork in water wings? Well read on google scrape

Even the most average internet marketer cannot help but to have become aware that keyword stuffing is no longer effective. Indeed, keyword stuffing is highly likely to see a website demoted or even blacklisted. Today there is a need for high quality content, and for content which is unique and original, as well as popular. The trouble is that this can make the job much harder. Having to spend time creating good, solid, readable content which is useful and interesting is time-consuming.

Having to spend time creating content which might be considered worthwhile by real people is a lengthy an involved process. It used to be so much easier when you could just fling any old rubbish online and let the search engines lap it all up like hungry dogs. Today it seems that those dogs have turned, and unless you want them to bite, you need to spend time actually thinking about your potential customers, rather than just those nice friendly bots and spiders you’ve been so used to.

This is clearly a difficult situation, and the only option seems to be to succumb to the will of the search engines and spend time creating well-written, highly optimised content that appeals to both the search engines and real people. Goodness – you might even write something people really find interesting, and may want to link to. You never do know these days.

But of course, you clicked the link for this article, because you’re looking to change all that. Rather than spending time crafting you’d rather be churning; rather than writing readable content you’d prefer to be chucking out text that looks as though your word processor and your thesaurus have been having an affair!

What you really want is to be able to press a magic button and have your articles fly up the search results, and magically draw thousands of keen, enthusiastic customers flooding to your website, ripping open their purses and wallets with such feverish excitement that you’ll hardly know what to do with all that easy cash you’ll be wallowing in.

As someone who provides an article service to internet marketers and business owners, and who writes SEO articles for a living, I have a few words of advice for those of you who want to try to get your articles above mine, who want to see your articles power ahead of mine and take hold of the search results pages by the horns.

Whilst I may sit here taking time to research each and every article I write, plan every article so that it has something to say, write it in a way that makes it entertaining, enjoyable and informative for those real live people who exist out there on the other side of the web, craft articles in a way that takes full advantage of Google’s algorithms, optimised for latent semantic indexing, yet making it almost entirely undetectable, you want to discover a secret formula that will launch your articles with barely more than a flick of your wrist.

You probably want to find out what this secret formula is so that you can spend less time hurling hundreds, perhaps thousands of articles out every week just to scrape by. Meanwhile, I’ll write an article once every week or so. You’ll notice them because they always end up boosting my website up to the very top of Google for all the major keywords and key phrases I have chosen, despite several billion other sites all appearing for the same searches.

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