How to Make Your Car Shine

Do you ever wish you had the brilliant shine that show vehicles do on your own car? With some washing and waxing, and the right steps, you can get your car looking like it’s on the way to a fancy show.

The first step to making your car shine is to wash it. Even with the best waxing and polishing job, an unclean car will still show minor scratches from dirt and dust. Leaving crud and residue on the body of your car decreases the life of your paint job, as it reacts with the paint and breaks it down over time.

Routine car washes contribute to the life of your vehicle, as well as its looks. Using a high concentration of a car washing solution is highly recommended. If your car is extremely dirty, you could also use dish-washing liquid. Make sure to rinse well, so that no cleaning products are left on the car.

After thoroughly rinsing and drying your car, look over it carefully. Things to look for are bird droppings, bug splatters, or other debris. If there are, rewash those parts of your vehicle with extra pressure to clean them off.

You may also want to check the car’s paint. Go over the doors, bumper, roof, etc with your hand. If any part doesn’t feel smooth you’ll want to use a paint cleaner or clay lubricant like Sonus Complete Sonus Glyde to remove any surface contaminants.

Another option for smoothing imperfections is to use a cleaner wax. Turtle Wax is an inexpensive brand of wax that gives a great shine and is very durable. Apply it using circular motions with a microfiber towel one panel at a time. The cleaner will dry with a white tint, and then just buff it with a clean towel. Repeat this process until the car is as smooth as you desire.

Now you need to examine the surface for paint damage. If there are any scratches, swirl marks, or ‘cobweb effect’ you’ll want to use an enhancing polish like Sonus SFX-2. This will restore the paint from being flat and dull to vibrant and glossy.

If there are still fine marks or lines on your vehicle, you may want to go over it with a swirl remover to get rid of those last few spots. If your paint job is looking very good by this step, feel free to skip it and move on to the next one.

Next you need to seal your newly polished paint. A very good product for this is Klasse All-In-One. It uses an acrylic formula that’s been proven to protect all the hard work you’ve done so far.

And finally, for the last extra touch, use some show car wax. A high-quality wax will bring out a clarity and rich color that nothing else can, and that’s why you should do it after the sealing process.

As a final note, if your car has been finished with a special coat that requires specific care, then it is a good id

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