How to Design T-Shirts

We find formal shirts to be good enough for important meetings and work places, but T-shirts have stolen the spotlight from areas other than the two mentioned above. It is not surprising to see that some people and even some big companies have started to use T-shirts for work comme des garcons hoodie places too. How do you justify your designs for T-shirts in this world of heavy competition? By learning the important aspects of human minds and about standards of designing, we can excel in this business.

1. How do you choose the materials needed to make T-shirts? Make detailed analysis based on the availability of various raw materials, the interests of the local people, the climatic conditions of a particular area and about the successful competitors in that locality. After collecting enough information on these subjects, make use of them and apply all this useful information as a hook line to fish out the interests of the people. Usage of woolen materials for cold places and other materials which are thin for places with a hot reputation will be able to get good responses from all. Cotton is said to suit all types of climatic conditions and it can be used in manufacturing very attractive colored T-shirts for people of all age groups.

How I use T-Shirt sizing as a Product Owner to estimate delivery | by  Janaka Fernando | Serious Scrum | Medium

2. Make use of good quality dyes to maintain standards; some T-shirts dyed with an inferior quality color dye is enough to discredit the entire work of the company. Dyes which come with a certificate of quality from an international certification board may be used to avoid losing your good reputation. Also dyes which are able to withstand all types of washing should be used or else the finished T-shirts will lose their colors in a matter of few days. People suffer immensely when color dye from the T-shirts dissolve and soil their other dresses that are being washed along with it in the washing machines.

3. Using the best available resources, create the most attractive designs and logos for the T-shirts you design to get maximum profits in sales. Without a separate team of expert art and picture designers, there is no hope of designing T-shirts that are guaranteed to obtained good sales percentage for the company. Separate teams for color selection and for words formation are advisable and they will always be useful to make eye-catching T-shirts for all ages. Even T-shirts for toddlers need to have comical characters and paintings on them for getting good sales responses.

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