How to Compare Online Universities

Although there are many online universities available, choosing the best online university that offers your preference online degree program can be a challenge. You may know what type of program you are looking for, but narrowing your list to the programs that contains the courses which meeting your requirements may be difficult. Here are five considerations which can help you compare online universities based on a few important factors.

1. Compare Online Universities Accreditation làm bằng đại học uy tín

I believe you have seen the word “accreditation” mentioned in many online education guides and articles. It’s the most important factor to consider when comparing online universities. If you earn a degree from an online university with regional accreditation, your degree will be accepted widely in the job market, and it helps you to have easier time finding jobs after graduation. You may want to continue to a higher education in the future, which you most probably will use your degree to apply for graduate programs, and a degree from an accredited online university will enable you to transfer your credit easier because these online degrees are accepted by most schools.

2. Compare Online Universities Residency Requirements

Not all online degree programs are offered 100% online, some universities requires their online students to attend a certain hours of physical classes on campus; others may require once a week for group meeting among students on group coursework discussion, or perform their lab work at school. Hence, when comparing online universities, you need to consider the residency requirements that best fit your schedule especially if you are a working individual or traveling to campus is a concern to you.

3. Compare Online Study Schedules

Although one of the key features of online education program is “flexible schedule”, but not all online universities allow you a full flexibility to study at your own pace, you may need to meet strict deadlines, or you are required to logon to the online classes at a fixed time to attend real-time learning sessions. If you are a working individual who have un-fixed working hours or a frequent traveler for job assignment, then you may prioritize on the online universities that allow you to study fully at your own pace.

4. Compare How Online Universities Carry Out Examination

There are online universities allow students to complete course exams entirely online, with open-book tests, while others may require their students to attend the exams at a proctored testing center. If you prefer to take open-book examination, then online universities that need you to attend closed-book tests might not be the best option for you.

5. Compare Online Universities Admission Requirements

Each online university has it own admission requirements; some schools have a very lengthy application process that require you to attend interviews, writing an essay or get a recommendation letter for your admission application, while others may have simple and easy admission process. When comparing these online universities, you need to ensure you are able to meet the admission requirements before you submit your application.

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