How Laser hair removal is Priced

As procedural and technological advancements improve the safety and reliability of laser hair removal, the rise in demand for this method of hair removal is no surprise and one of the first things people want to know is how much it costs to have hair removed by laser. Unfortunately, it is a little more complicated than a simple one answer for everyone. The bottom line is that the final cost, as with all cosmetic procedures, depends on the individual and the treatment that person requires.

There are three factors that influence the hair removal cost by laser treatment. First, it depends on what area of the body the hair will be removed from. Facial hair removal is very different from hair removal of the backside because of the difference in the skin 皮秒去斑邊間好. The second influence is the number of repeat sessions required. Obviously, the performing doctor will charge more if more work is involved across multiple sessions. The third influence in cost is the doctor and how much the doctor charges for his or her work. When consulting with a doctor about the procedure, it’s a good idea to ask how they charge and get an approximation of the total costs if you do decide to follow through with the procedure.

Different clinics use a variety of methods to come up with the final bill for the procedure. Some will charge on based solely on time, and usually by the minute. Some will charge a flat fee for each session or a series of sessions. Others will charge per laser pulse. There are other methods but these are the three most common ways laser hair removal is priced.

When a clinic is using time as the basis for billing, there are a few key factors. The number one on the patient’s part is the amount of hair involved. That is the overall amount of hair follicles regardless of whether it is across a large area, or a lot of hair in a small concentrated area. The other two factors depend on how fast the person performing the procedure operates the laser hair zapping equipment, and the speed of the laser machine itself. Most places use 15 minute increments so your final cost depends on how many 15 minute increments are needed to get the work done.

In the flat fee pricing method, the price is determined by the area that is to be treated. Every patient who is to have hair removed from the same area will be billed the same amount regardless of the amount of hair to be removed. It is usually determined for that particular session or series of sessions, whatever is typical for that area and how the area is treated.

The other form of pricing is the charge per pulse. Laser hair removal works by firing a laser beam to damage hair follicles and each firing is a pulse. Each pulse lasts less than a second and can penetrate about a hundred hair follicles. This seems like a very fair way of pricing since more pulses will be required to remove more hair and therefore a person that only wants light treatment will be charged less than a patient with more hair to be removed.

In many cases where the per pulse pricing method is used, clinics will charge a minimum number of pulses to begin. This means if your hair removal needs requires fewer pulses than the minimum you will still be charged for that amount. Usually, the practice is quite fair and many patients are happy because they tend to go over the minimum, and anything over the minimum is charged a reasonable rate somewhere to the tune of one dollar per pulse. In repeat sessions when the hair grows back thinner, it is cost effective to go back for more treatment since less hair needs to be removed. Removing hair is no more a discovery in the world. It is widely practiced all around the world with various provisional and permanent methods. Yes, if you invent a new technique for doing it then it might be considered as discovery.

Every one now look for a better way to get rid of the unwanted hair. Most common ways of doing it are waxing, tweezing, plucking, sugaring and shaving etc. It would not be wrong if i address them as the older ways of removing hair, though waxing is the most popular method all around the world but due to the complexities attached to it this method appears quite cumbersome.

Some better methods and products are also slowly finding their niche. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular methods for removing hair permanently. This method came into existence after electrolysis became very time consuming. Removing hair by laser was quite a faster way than electrolysis because its target area was mush larger than electrolysis.

In today’s time it is always expected from a person to look and appear good and it may happen sometimes that the hair at wrong places can embarrass you. Hair growth is dependent on various factors like genetics and hormones. You can’t control the hair growth.

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