Hit Me With Your DS Stick : The DS Games Console, Feminine Version of the PSP?

The Nintendo Dual Screen (DS) games console could be considered to be a feminine console compared to the macho Sony PSP. It is highly popular amongst children of junior school age Joker123 (7 and up) but is also popular amongst older youth and young adults. The Nintendo DS is a portable console which is quite different from the earlier consoles made by Nintendo (the Game Cube and Game Boy); a handheld console similar in size to the original Game Boy but with dual colour screens and quality graphics.

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The DS is small, hinged along the centre. When flipped open, there is an upper and a lower screen which can be tilted at a variety of angles to suit the light conditions or personal preference. Both screens are 6cm x 4.5cm in size. The controls are unique compared with other Nintendo consoles. A touch screen stylus allows you to move around by touching the lower screen with a thin stick (stylus), which can be stored securely within a special slot near the hinge of the DS. There are also control pads to allow you to move around if you prefer this method.

The console is small enough to fit into a largish pocket and feels solid and well made. Rough dimensions are 15cm wide x 8cm long x 3cm thick. However, one drop on a hard surface could seriously damage the DS so a game case is very useful for carrying the DS when not in use. The DS does however come with a wrist strap. A DS carrying case is a good idea for the safe storage of small game discs.

There are two game slots. DS games are very small (and easily lost), measuring approximately 2cm x 2cm. The game simply pushes into one of the slots. The second slot (located at the bottom of the console) is for Game Boy Advance games which will also work with the DS. The larger sized Game Boy Colour games will however not fit.

The A, B, X and Y buttons are located to the right of the bottom screen. There are also Start and Select buttons. The cross shaped joystick controller is located to the left of the bottom screen and above this the power button. This is in a position where it cannot easily be switched on or off by accident. The volume switch is located on the bottom edge of the console.

The DS has a built in Microphone which is used in certain games such as Nintendogs for voice activation. There is also a port for a portable microphone as well as a port for earphones. DS games can therefore be played with sound on, with earphones, without annoying anyone else around!

The DS operates a Wi-Fi wireless network, which allows link up with other DS users within a range of up to 30m. The DS also comes with PictoChat software installed, a type of instant messenger, allowing up to 16 users to chat at once. The DS also has a real-time clock, date and alarm function.

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