Headlights Or Hydroxy Gas? Shining Some Light on Hydroxy

So What Do Headlights Have To Do With Hydroxy Gas?

Hydroxy gas and headlights have one very important key, that they share, in common. I’m going to fully explain this missing link, and shed some light on a very debated topic. Hopefully this is the last answer to your puzzle, and you make an informed decision.

Have you noticed a drop in engine performance while driving at night? You know your headlights draw power from your battery, right? Well why is it that headlights don’t decrease engine performance, if they are drawing power? The answer my friend is in the alternator, and I’m about to share something that is holding a key to unlocking miles per gallon.

The Reason Your Headlights Don’t Decrease Engine Performance

When you turn your engine on, your fan to cool your engine starts spinning and the belt system that drives your fan spins your alternator too. Your alternator is cranking out power any time your engine is running. This is a constant draw on your engine, there is no alternator on off switch. The power fuel cell air compressor produced by your alternator is in excess of what it takes to use your headlights. That power is a constant and is produced whether you use it or not. This is why you don’t notice a decrease in performance. You could turn on your headlights, radio, windshield wipers and still have energy left over. Now turn on the compressor for your air conditioning, and you will notice a decrease in efficiency. Your alternator has a specific amount of energy that it produces when your engine is running. If the system your running is pulling less than the alternator is cranking out, then you wont notice less miles per gallon.

The Key I Promised

Did you know a hydroxy gas fuel cell takes as much if not less power than your headlights? That’s right, you can use the power of hydroxy and not overdraw your alternator! Not only are you now using your engine more efficiently, your adding a fuel additive. So what’s going to happen? Hydroxy gas is going to increase your horsepower, miles per gallon, reduce harmful emissions and clean out carbon deposits.

HOLY! $#!+ Well… that was my first reaction, followed by elation… this saves you cash at the pump.

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