Foods to Eat When Pregnant That Provide Calcium

During your first prenatal care visit to your doctor, he/she will prescribe calcium supplements since this mineral is very important throughout pregnancy. Aside from supplements, getting enough calcium also means choosing the right foods to eat when pregnant that are rich in calcium. Why is this mineral so important for pregnant women? And what foods should a pregnant woman eat to ensure that she has an adequate intake of calcium?

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We all know that calcium is responsible for building stronger teeth and bones and prevents osteoporosis in which more women are at risk. When pregnant, your baby is continuously developing organs and other body parts like bones and teeth adequate food safety practices lead to less. The baby then absorbs the calcium present in the mother’s body and if the mother’s calcium is not enough, she will have calcium deficiency which can cause some health problems like osteoporosis later in her life. Calcium also helps in proper development of the baby’s muscles, heart and nerves. Adequate calcium intake by the mother is necessary for her baby’s normal heart rhythm and blood clotting abilities. A pregnant woman must consume 1000mg/day to ensure that she has enough calcium for herself and for her baby to develop stronger teeth and bones.

When pregnant, four servings of calcium-rich foods should be taken to ensure an adequate intake of this necessary nutrient. The main sources of calcium are dairy products but if your diet preference forbids you to consume dairy, then there are other alternative sources. Dairy products include milk, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream. Ice cream should be consumed in moderation as it contains sugar. Milk products that a pregnant woman may consume should preferably be produced with skimmed or low-fat milk to avoid excess weight gain. Cheeses that are good sources of calcium for pregnant women include cottage cheese, cheddar cheese and gruyere cheese. Pregnant women can also eat foods that have milk in the ingredients like baked goodies, soup and smoothies. Same as that of ice cream, minimize eating baked goodies like cookies due to their high sugar content.

If you are vegetarian or lactose-intolerant, there are other foods to eat when pregnant that are rich in calcium aside from dairy products. Alternative sources include soya, tofu and vegetables like broccoli and other green leafy vegetables like spinach. Almonds which can be eaten as snacks also contain calcium as does fish like sardines. There are also many calcium-fortified foods out in the market that you can easily buy. Examples of calcium-fortified foods are calcium-fortified orange juice, calcium-fortified breakfast cereal and calcium-fortified bread.

When pregnant, calcium should not be taken for granted as it is very important for the baby’s development and affects a woman’s health even after pregnancy. With all these foods to eat when pregnant that are rich in calcium, there is no reason why a pregnant woman should lack calcium in her pregnancy diet. Lastly, refer to your healthcare provider for the exact recommended serving of each calcium-rich food to ensure a healthy and well-balanced pregnancy diet.

The body is a machine and the food is the fuel to the machine. If you stop putting in the fuel, soon your body will stop working. People believe that if they want to get a perfect physic then they should take only protein or carbohydrate and avoid fat. But the fact is that the ratio of the protein, carbohydrate and fat intake should be 40:40:20. Protein helps to build the muscle but one should maintain the balance in food habit.

The following details can help a person to make his/her own balanced food chart in order to build muscle.

The protein assists the body to make the muscle so if you want to construct muscle then you should add food that have adequate amount of protein in the meals. The top few foods that have high level of protein are chicken breast, tuna, turkey breast, cottage cheese, salmon, egg whites, lean beef and whey protein. One should take any of the above items in his/her meals. All the above items will help a person to add up enough protein to his/her body. But one should not take huge amount of protein, as that cannot help the body. Huge amount of protein intake can be dangerous even. So before adding up any thing to the meal one should consult to a dietitian first.

Carbohydrate plays the main roll of providing fuel to the body by which the body will get enough energy to perform any work. That is why if you want to make your diet chart a balanced one then you should add up a few foods that contains carbohydrate as well. The foods that have a high level of carbohydrate are brown rice, whole wheat pasta, baked potatoes, bagels, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, beans and fat free yogurt. The vegetables also have a good amount of carbohydrate, so you can take vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, carrots, peas and spinach in any form with the meals.

Fat the word is a trauma for the new generation, they believe if they take a single food that contains fat that will make them bulky. But the true fact is that fat is also very necessary for the body to work properly. But one should not take huge amount of fat as that could be dangerous. There are several foods that contain bad fat you should avoid all of them but the food that have good fat that should be added to your meal. The following foods have certain amount of good fat. The foods are olive oil, avocado, natural peanut butter, flax seed oil, nuts and fish oil. These things can be added to the meal to provide the body with adequate amount of fat.

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