Find Your Blogging Voice!

Let’s say that everything has a face, every place, city, chat room, person and of course every blog. Different people stylize this face in their heads in a different way. The face of your blog is actually your blog voice. It doesn’t matter which subject you will chose to write your blog about, it doesn’t matter what theme you use for your blog, but there is one little thing that truly makes your blog stand out – and that’s only you.

The way you write defines your online ‘voice’, and once you find it and fit it, your blog will begin to shape around it. Let’s pretend that you are new in blogging, like me and or any of the other few thousands new bloggers that open their sites every day. In the very beginning you will not have blog voice at all In the way a child grows and develops his personality, in the same way you slowly start to define your blogging voice.

Just like any writing, when you go live you will probably look like many others because their style will have some reflection over you and you will emulate them in some form. Meanwhile, you’ll find your voice starting to take over everything else.

I did emulate the big guys in the branch for a while. The problem was, I didn’t really like them, so for a months or two I found my own style, which has served me well until now no matter that my english ain’t perfect.

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