eBay E-Book Success – Things to Consider Before Beginning Blogging

In my last few articles I discussed how email lists can be used to complement your eBay ebook business. In my next series of articles I will be discuss how the platform of blogging can be used to help promote your eBay ebook business. In this particular article I am going to discuss what you need to consider before you start blogging.

As I have mentioned before a typical eBay ebook sale is usually a very simple process with no incentive for your customer to return. They purchase the ebook, they receive the ebook, they leave you positive feedback and then they go away to read the ebook http://oursminiworld.com/. If you can extend this process and give your customers an incentive to return, then you have an increased chance of repeat custom and increased opportunities to build trust and build your brand.

Blogs are an excellent way to achieve this as they are easily manageable, interactive and current. If people enjoy what you are reading they will keep returning and from here you can direct them back to your eBay store. But what will you need to consider before you begin blogging?

eBay have recently started their own blog service allowing you to host your blog on their website. Blogger and WordPress are two other services which allow you to create a blog. There are lots of other services available as well. Ultimately, the choice is down to you. You will have to check out the services and decide on the one you like best. I favour WordPress because you can keep full control of your blog and host it in your own web space.

What will you be blogging about? Apart from providing news on your eBay ebook store, your blog will also have to offer customers valu. Otherwise there is no reason for them to keep coming back. Maybe you could write some articles about eBay? Perhaps you could seek out free ebooks with resell rights and provide these to customers? Maybe you could provide discounts on your products to those who read your blog? Maybe you can post news stories to your blog that may affect your customers. There are a lot of options here. All you need to do is choose one.

Although this isn’t the only success factor, the more you post the more successful your blog will be. You therefore need to consider how critical your blog is going to be to your eBay ebook business and allocate adequate time towards posting. If you are going to rely heavily on your blog as a source of traffic, then you should be posting good content to your blog at least every two days. However, if you are using your blog as a more general source of news for customers less time will be required to maintain it.

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