Diabetes Nutritional Supplements May Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

For managing diabetes, nutritional supplements may be very important. Even with proper diet and regular exercise, it is difficult for even very healthy people to get excellent nutrition without dietary supplements. For those who suffer from diabetes, supplements are even more important. There are even specific supplements that have been shown in laboratory tests to help stabilize blood glucose levels. Some of these dietary supplements for diabetes are enzymes that aid digestion or improve glucose metabolism. Others are minerals such as calcium, magnesium and chromium, which are often lacking in the diet. And, still others are herbs or botanicals.

Herbs and botanicals have long been used by native peoples to treat various diseases and conditions. Sometimes these remedies are quite effective. They may be somewhat controversial Reversirol and should not be expected to take the place of modern drugs, but they can “complement” modern medical treatments. In some cases, people who begin taking herbal remedies are able to reduce their medications, with their doctor’s advice, of course. Herbs and botanicals are included in some supplements for diabetes because they were used historically to treat the condition and because modern evaluation has shown that they may be helpful for managing the condition, today.

Banaba is found in some of the better diabetes supplements. It is a plant that is native to Southern Asia and has a history of traditional use to help people control their blood sugar levels. Laboratory research has shown that adding banaba leaves to the diet of diabetic mice lowers their blood glucose levels and seems to contribute to weight loss in obese mice. Studies in 1999 and 2001 concluded that banaba extract could help control blood sugar levels and possibly assist with weight loss. The researchers suggested that clinical trials, which involve “real” people, were in order. But clinical trials are quite expensive and most are sponsored by drug companies. Most drug companies have no interest in a naturally occurring substance like banaba extract, because it cannot be patented. So clinical trials have never been initiated, but banaba extract is found in some nutritional supplements for diabetes.

Bitter Melon is another plant that has shown promise in the laboratory. Bitter melon tea is still used in the Philippines today, particularly among the poor, to help control blood sugar levels. In Ayurvedic medicine, practiced widely throughout India and other countries, it is recommended as one of the diabetes nutritional supplements and as a complement to other forms of treatment. Blood sugar levels should be closely monitored when using diabetes nutritional supplements that contain bitter melon, in order to avoid an unsafe drop in blood sugar.

Black seed or nigella sativa extract is considered a cure all in some countries. Modern research concerning black seed extract in the treatment of diabetes is preliminary. But, thus far the research indicates that it can lower elevated blood sugar levels and increase antioxidant activity, possibly preventing the complications associated with uncontrolled type II diabetes. For more in depth information about the botanicals mentioned here and other natural supplements for diabetes, please visit the Diabetes Info Guide.

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