CPUs and Hard Drives Explained

There is a long list of computer components on the market today. Keeping that in mind I’ll cover one main component of the PC along with another critical component. The central processing unit and hard drive are both key devices within a computer and play a big role in performance.

The central processing unit or CPU is the heart of your computer. It contains the necessary circuitry to decipher and execute program instructions amd processors for sale. Intel and AMD are the two major CPU manufacturers on the market. Both handle processing a bit differently, but pretty much get the same results as far CPU functionality goes.

At this point Intel is known most for it’s hyper-threading technology, which takes a processor and virtually doubles the cores. For example if you have a quad core CPU, it would now become eight. This may look exciting at first, but it doesn’t benefit all applications. For example there are some games that perform better by turning this function completely off. The current Intel processors can overclock with stock cooling at nearly 4.5ghz, which is really just insane. Intel has just introduced a new technology within their processors called Tri-Gate which will be the first 3-D transistor in mass production, which I’ll cover in more detail within another article.

AMD on the other hand hasn’t made the same advancement and is falling behind a little bit. Now this doesn’t mean it can’t compete, because it most certainly can when you compare cost to stock CPU speed ratios. Keep in mind that even if you choose an AMD CPU because of lower cost, the Intel CPU has better cost to power ratios, which is where overclocking benefits the most. Although AMD is a little behind the technology curve, it will eventually come up with something of it’s own that will stand out above Intel.

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