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Kinds of Computerized Safety Barriers & their Applications

Safety Bollards automated barriers certainly are a sure-fire way to guard limited parts, whether personal, industrial or industrial. Even if you just want to protected your parking space, these automated barriers will successfully assistance with that. Experience liberated to browse our various types of automated buffer systems.
What are Computerized Safety Barriers driveway bollards

Computerized safety barriers are often observed at professional or industrial premises, multi-story car parks, personal team car parks and industrial car parks. They are created to successfully and effortlessly control car access to web sites such as for example those.
At Safety Bollards we’ve various kinds of automated safety bollards for you to take a peek at, such as for example professional safety barriers and parking barriers. 
Safety Bollards 6000B-19 Computerized Barrier 

The 6000B-19 design is a computerized increase and drop buffer, this means there’s no counterweights or springs. It includes a gearbox drive and control screen, hence providing in to enjoy the most recent engineering, allowing a consitent and smooth operation. 

The barriers can be simply and easily installed. The aluminium construction provides energy for a longevity service. It may be set to match any website arrangement and accessibility control requirements.
The Safety Bollards 6000B-19 usually are installed at the entrance or quit spot of a vehicle park. With 100% work cycle, this buffer is great for major professional purposes. 
Safety Bollards Computerized Parking Barrier  

That parking buffer has 24v BLDC engine, energy-saving engineering, it’s an elegant design and is straightforward to install. It’s manufactured from aluminium. That premium buffer has durability and an IP54 rating. There’s a range of RAL colored completes which are also available.
The boom supply can be fixed left or right. It also has a rubber tube on the underside. It’s red reflective indicate lines, and being an elective extra, LED boom lighting.

Safety Bollards automated parking barriers are ultimately installed at industrial premises and car parks. They are created for vigorous use with 100% work cycle.
Safety Bollards Industrial Safety Barrier 

That high use BG94 is an electro-mechanical automated barrier. It is best suited for applications that need utmost performance and reliability. The buffer frame will come in electro-galvanised tubular steel. The outer panels are pre-painted aluminium. The utmost effective will come in dark plastic or even a metallic protect, with a built-in LED.
Additional features: 

Pre-wired, integrated control table for quick installation.
Crisis discharge has been incorporated.
Industrial use buffer, with built-in opening/closing restrict switches. 
To make sure sustained performance and extensive use, it’s 80% work cycle.

Safety Bollards Computerized Straight Barrier 

That motorized automated straight buffer provides a good level of security. At Safety Bollards, these barriers are created to withstand a Heavy Goods Car evaluating around 6,800kg, impacting at 50mph.
Safety Bollards automated straight barriers were created and created to meet up ASTM F2656-07 standards. When applied to our specifically made PLC checking and control screen, the buffer offers utter control over your car or truck constraint system.
That integrated hydraulic user assures a good level of reliability and performance, hence making the straight buffer essential for safety applications at a range of premises including:

Industrial and Industrial.
Staff Car Parks.
Industrial Car Parks.
Mutli-Storey Car Parks.

Safety Bollards Computerized Safety Barriers 

At Safety Bollards we present a selection of high-quality automated car barriers, which we mount all over the UK. They range from mild industrial barriers to heavy-duty models. With work rounds of up to 100%, these barriers offer thousands of operation rounds on an everyday basis.
Our buffer techniques provide a selection of completes and alternatives, with the buffer material cabinet accessible as possibly stainless or cotton powder coated. Many also provide many different increasing boom lengths. Our automated barriers offer additional safety products, such as for example safety photocells, safety ends and safety induction loops.
There’s a wide variety of accessibility control alternatives available. These include:

ANPR plate recognition. 
audio and video intercoms.
keypads, vicinity card readers. 

Safety Bollards barriers have many different accessibility control techniques, and can also be combined in to our bespoke programmable reasoning control, that will give a system to track and monitor car entry/exit on the site.

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