Camaro Restoration – Dis-assembly Front Sheet Metal Part 4

OK boys & girls, it’s time for the step 4in the camaro restoration series, are you ready, now that you have the front bumper and grille off of the car, you can begin the body or mechanical dis-assembly, it’s up to you where you go from here, but for this article we’re going to go with the dis-assembly of the front body panels, this includes the hood, fenders, header panel, valence panel, and radiator support, and the very first thing we’ll remove is the hood.

There are two bolts holding the hood to the hinges on each side of the car, make 100% sure that you have a friend helping you with this part of the process, the hood is not light, and you don’t want to hit your front windshield with it, so now that we have that taken care of, open the hood of the car, and at the back of it are four bolts that hold the hood to the hinges.

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Give your friend a ratchet, and you take a ratchet and remove the front bolt on each side of the hood, once you have removed these bolts you can move the the back bolts, but make sure that both you and your friend have a hand at the back of the hood holding it in place so you don’t put it in to the front windshield, or drop it on to the fenders, you do not want to have either one of these things happen, now you can remove the hood and store it in the corner.

The next thing that you’ll want to do is remove the header panel sheet metal fabrication services this is the panel that sits directly in front of the hood, it’s held in place by bolts that are underneath it, once you remove all the bolts it will pull out very easily, if it doesn’t pull out easily, you’d best check for more bolts, or something that the previous owner has added to hold it in place.

The next item that we’ll remove is the valence panel, this is the panel where your blinkers are located on a 1969 model, in 1967-68 models depending on if the car is an R/S model or not, the blinkers / running lights could be located in the grille, the R/S models will have square blinker / running lights in the valence panel.

Once you have removed the blinker / running lights from the valence “if necessary” then you can move on to removing the valence panel, on the corners it will be held in place by nuts & blots, and along the top by sheet metal screws, remove all of the screws, start with the corners first, and then the top of the panel, once you have removed all of the the valance should drop of with ease, if it doesn’t check for more bolts holding it in place.

Make 100% sure that as you pull these things of of the car that you have planned a good method of storage and labeling for them, or you will have problems when it comes time to put the car back together, oh and as an added way of remembering things, and how they went together, take pictures and keep them with the parts that they relate to.Now the only body panels left on the front of the car should be the front fenders, up at the to in front of the fenders, their should be corner braces, that are held by a bolt on each end, remove the bolts and take the corner braces off of the car, now you can begin to remove the fenders, there should be 6 or 8 bolts along the top of each fender, and one on the side of the cowl vent behind the door on each side, there will also be 6 or 8 bolts in each wheel opening, remove all of these bolts, give the fender a gentle tug, if it does not come off, you have missed a bolt somewhere along the way, remember to leave the doors open while you remove the fenders, so you have a place to grab on the back of the panel while pulling it off of the car.

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