Butterfly Kits For School – A Fun Learning Experience!

Children tend to be interested in many things, even the simplest ones. Their young ages make them more observant on their surroundings and on things they do not understand or fascinate them. This characteristic makes a butterfly kit for school a wonderful addition to their learning development.

Having a Butterfly kits that can be used in school gives children a chance to see and appreciate the wonders of God’s creation and the magnificence of evolution first hand. And for most children, this is most likely one of the most educational gifts you can give to any kid.

These will not only serve as a learning process that will teach the kids how a butterfly evolves through various stages of the life cycle but also teaches about the beauty of the nature and the proper way of nurturing such riches.

A butterfly kit contains all the essential things needed to raise a butterfly. It includes certain guidelines that allow the kids to plan accordingly and look after the caterpillars when they are ready to take care of them. Furthermore, this sort of kits is not just good for school project but wonderful teaching materials for the kids to experience firsthand how a caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly. Imagine a kid morel kit watching a caterpillar turn first into chrysalis and then into one of the most colorful winged animal.

The development of a butterfly usually takes about 3 weeks, in which time the kids can enjoy seeing them eat, crawl, spin their silk and of then grow, until the butterflies are ready to fly and conquer the sky. Caterpillars before turning into butterflies will need to be nurtured first in their natural habitat in which they prefer hollyhock plants and mallow leaves. Since we are dealing with live butterflies the kits also includes a concentrated diet and materials that will be needed to raise them.

Aside from these things one of the most crucial things that everyone need to understand before they can raise their butterfly is to make the caterpillar habitat at room temperature and far from direct sunlight for about 10 days as they are developing their chrysalis. Then afterwards, the birth of the butterfly will naturally happen like nature intended it to happen.

Raising a butterfly is one educational activity that all children will certainly never forget. This is because they will get to learn the life cycle of a live butterfly and watch the transformation every day from its original state and through its rapid metamorphosis to finally a butterfly. Plus, they could also watch firsthand how an egg actually changes their color before hatching, and how the caterpillar moves, changes features, eats and grows. This is one unforgettable experience for adult and kids.

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