Bringing Home Your Guinea Pigs

While guinea’s are quite docile, they do still need to be house-trained, or more specifically acclimatized to your specific home environment. Depending on where you get your guinea pig, there will be varying amounts of training that you need to perform. Nonetheless, the first question is how to actually bring your guinea pig home.

First off you should have a cage for them. These are larger than hamster cages, perhaps around the same size as rabbit hutches. That does not mean they can share the same cages with rabbits, as rabbits may carry pathogens to which the guinea’s are vulnerable. Make sure that the bars 藜麥 or mesh of the cages have small enough gaps to give comfortable footing for the pigs. You can choose from a large number of options for bedding. Be careful, as not all bedding choices are equal in terms of price, quality, and health safety. You may prepare the cage before hand or buy one at the very same pet store you are getting your guinea from.

Acclimatizing the guinea to your home comes next. This is particularly important if you are the pig’s first owner. Most guinea pigs bough from pet stores share their space with a fair number of other guinea pigs, and they are social animals. At first, your guinea may not wish to interact with you, but this is only natural. They have to get used to not interacting with others of their own species while getting used to being around humans. More specifically, it needs to get comfortable with the smells and sounds in your home. Just give it some time, and don’t pick it up if it does not want to be picked up.

Keep males and females separate! Unless you want to have a piglet mess on your hands every so often, you should have separate cages for different sexes of hamsters. The biggest problem will be identifying which ones are male and which are female, as the genitalia can look similar.

If you have other pets at home, particularly if you have cats or dogs, then you have to acclimatize them to the guinea pigs too. It is unlikely that the guinea pigs will cause them trouble, being of much smaller size and more docile behavior. On the other hand, the larger pet animals might view the pigs as prey. Needless to say, you need to teach them how to behave around each other, or you might have a fine mess on your hands.

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