BMX Stunt Shows and Business Block Parties

As rough economic times have fallen on most people and business owners alike, of which, consumers and business owners are now utilizing a myriad of resourceful and creative methods of saving and making money. Local business owners, large business owners, and big corporations are all continuously searching for inexpensive ideas to further promote their business, brand, products, or services.

Recently, local business owners and business owners alike have been getting very creative with marketing and advertising strategies for their businesses and have recently started to use BMX bike stunt teams for extreme stunt shows at business block parties and customer appreciation days This concept is becoming more and more popular as it is a much cheaper method of attracting more traffic and attention for multiple businesses, while splitting the costs of the business block parties across the multiple businesses taking part in the said events.

Some businesses have found this method of cost cutting, cross promotion, a very effective means of advertising and marketing in a tight economy and on a low budget. The old saying – “Scratch My back, and I will Scratch yours”, has quite frankly, fast become a very popular concept once again for people, consumers, and business owners alike.

Business owners have also been getting very creative in how they plan, execute, market, and advertise these business block parties. Once again the idea is to save money, in hopes of making more money. That being said, business owners have been inviting radio stations, TV stations, Media Outlets, Newspapers, non profits, other business owners, donations from other business owners for ad/marketing spaces (banners, shirts, giveaways, brochures, sales materials), restaurants and chefs, special guests, kids entertainment (bounce houses, games, face painting, clowns, cartoon characters…), bands, and maybe some extreme entertainment from BMX bike stunt teams or extreme stunt teams.

Do you have business blind spots? Don’t ponder too long – we all do. In this article I explain what they are, why we have them and hot to deal with the damage they can cause your business.

When you learned driving they told you right away about the car blind spots and how dangerous and potentially fatal they can be. You also learned ( it’s written on most car mirrors as a constant reminder) that the mirror distorts the distance you see.

Business blind spots are similar in nature – they are the problems or solutions you can’t see or they are distorted in the way you see them. They can be dangerous to your business, and potentially extending beyond your business to problems in your relationships, health and lifestyle.

I defined two general types of business blind spots: Aware and Unaware. Aware blind spots come in two varieties: Problems and Solutions. The Aware blind spots are less dangerous, because you know the problem exists and can take corrective action.

The Unaware Business blind spots are the most dangerous because you can’t see them no matter how hard you look or because our view is distorted. The trickiest part of this business blind spot is that if you don’t know you have them or how they distort your vision, you can’t exercise needed caution or take corrective action. I identified four types of Unaware blind spots.

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